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PSC approves Frontier's request of $15 million from escrow account

By Staff reports

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- The state Public Service Commission has approved Frontier Communications' request that it be reimbursed $15.1 million from an escrow account for work made to improve service.

The PSC ordered Verizon to set up the $74 million quality-of-service escrow account in May 2010, ruling that the company's service was not acceptable. The PSC has said that the money, which stayed when Frontier took over Verizon's West Virginia service area, is to be drawn for expenditures such as restoring copper infrastructure, maintenance, additional employees, right-of-way maintenance and vegetation control.

Frontier had requested reimbursement for improvements made during the first half of 2011 including $8.2 million for cable and pole replacement costs, $3.9 million for blitz crew work and $1.4 million for new network elements.

The company also requested reimbursements for training, tree trimming and an audit of central office records and a portion of vehicle and tool costs.

According to the company, Frontier invested $68.2 million in the last half of 2010 and made a $115.1 million investment in 2011. The company's network troubles dropped by 12.4 percent from April 2011 through March 2012 compared to the year before Frontier took over Verizon's West Virginia service territory, from July 2009 through June 2010.


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