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Tie one on: Scarves are an elegant accessory

By Dennise Smith

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Ohhhhhhh ... scarf season is almost upon us (not that there is a season or seasons for scarves in my book)! Glee and joy!

My love affair with the scarf began during my first trip to Europe where every dewy-faced fashionista seemed to have one elegantly draped around her neck -- or Chanel purse. While the Chanel purse was then, and still is, out of my budget, scarves are (mostly) not!

The scarf is one of the most versatile accessories you can own and can be used to spruce up any basic outfit.

For those uninitiated in the cult of the scarf, the concept of tying one can initially be quite flummoxing. Indeed, my first attempts to wear one ended up looking like a rainbow-colored anaconda wrapped around my throat.

I studied, I observed, I spoke with a fake French accent, I learned. Luckily, the best way to tie and to wear a scarf is generally the simplest. However, the scarf size and shape will generally dictate the method.

For detailed instructions on the scarf looks shown in the accompanying photos -- drape, bib, faux turtleneck, Parisian, loose knot -- visit

Dennise Smith is a Charleston lawyer, fashion designer and co-founder of the local arts group Nomadic Tribes Collective.


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