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On file: March 7-14, 2013


The following people applied for marriage licenses in Putnam County between Feb. 28 and March 14:

Jonathan Mark Ratliff, 22, and Alexis Victoria Hedrick, 22, both of Red House.

Michael Ryan Bordenet, 31, and Tina Marie Bias, 38, both of Winfield.

James Michael Snyder, 21, of Winfield, and Stacy Lynn McCallister, 20, of Milton.

Grant Conaway Martin, 34, and Tabitha Ann Cline, 32, both of Culloden.

Richard A. Davis, 44, and Theresa L. Davis, 36, both of Hurricane.


The following people filed for divorce in Kanawha County between March 7 and 14:

Annette Ziegler from Marando Ziegler

Roy Dean McKean from Mary Nicole Adkins

Bonya Coats from Michael Coats

Joshua N. Pimentel from Cassidi D. Pimentel

Catherine Hicks from Brian Hicks

Anita Naylor from Curtis Naylor

Mary Catherine Dingess from Tommy Carl Dingess Jr.

John Providenti from Kristi Dawn Providenti

Ellen E. Bumpus from James M. Bumpus

Scott Hackney from Vicky Hackney

Susan Eva McDonald Layne from Larry Alan Layne

Lloyd Craig Conrad from Amy Jo Conrad-Bowling

Marc Beverly from Gail Flint

Lisa E. Downham from Matthew P. Downham

Travis W. Gibson from Chelsea Gibson

Scottie Barker from Tamberly Barker

Richard H. Daniels II from Denise Daniels

Angel Evans from Shawn Gilmore

Timothy W. Kayser from Kimley D. Kayser

Kristina B. Settle from Shawn W. Settle

Jessica Bloom Buckley from Danny Lee Buckley

Stephen Shane Nichols from Gina Marie Nichols

Jessica A. Lanier from Rodney W. Lanier

Janice Fink from Timothy Fink

Mary E. Herron from Michael D. Herron

Steven M. Bird from Teresa D. Bird

Raymond K. DiPino from Cynthia D. DiPino

Robin D. Hunter from Daniel W. Hunter

Bliss Nicole Bowen from Mason Todd Bowen

Franklin G. Lilly from Paula A. Lilly

Kristina Anne Henson from Derek Thomas Henson

Rosemarie Hunter from Michael Connick


The following people filed for divorce in Putnam County between Feb. 28 and March 14:

Amanda R. Mullins from Coleman W. Mullins.

Charles Slater Jr. from Jeannie Slater.

Kristi Smith from Brian Smith.

Mary Anna Wright Carroll from William Alexander Carroll.

Theresa A. Burks from Philip R. Burks.

Steven Winters from Jennifer Winters.

Natalie M. Addesa from Joshua M. Addesa.

Joshua Michael Rader from Sara Elizabeth Rader.

Samuel Smith from Brandi McGhee.

Danya McDowell from Samuel McDowell.

Kristie J. Cochran from Robert M. Cochran.

Crystal J. Carter from Robert W. Carter.

Ryan Bailey from Melinda Bailey.

Kathy D. Saunders from Tracy Saunders.

Teresa Ansell from David Ansell.

Katrina Flanagan from Jeffrey Dale Flanagan.

Christopher S. Fowlkes from Stephanie V. Acker.

Alice Cruikshank from Telford Cruikshank.

Property transfers

The following property transfers of $50,000 or more were recorded in Kanawha County between March 8-15:

Donna Robinson Kerns to John R. and Shannon M. Knight. Lot, Charleston, $50,000.

Walter A. and Rebecca F. Smith to Sheryl R. Webb. Lot, Charleston North District, $210,000.

Ronald Constable to Robert T. and Blaire M. Anderson. Lot, Washington District, $208,000.

Brad Lee and Elizabeth Hamric to William E. III and Kelsey A. Clough. Lots, St. Albans District, $83,400.

Gina S. and Arthur D. Browning to Michael Foster. Lot, Charleston, $63,482.

Toni Elaine Madia to Shire Holding LLC. Lots, St. Albans District, $450,000.

Theodocia H. Smith to William H. III and Christy L. Robinson. Lot, Charleston South Annex, $165,000.

Maurina Lynn and Maurina Lee Jarrell to Kyle P. and Tracy Ann Lancaster. Lot, Elk District, $84,500.

Barbara Goodall to John E. and Mary K. Bradley. Lot, Jefferson District, $52,500.

Stephen J. Bupp to James J. and Martha C. Pettit. Lot, Charleston, $130,000.

John F. Johnson III to Robert A. Jr. and Kimberly L. Paul. Lot, Union District, $60,000.

Lucien R. III and Maggie O'Brien Sammons to Kevin W. and Stacy Wickline. Lots, Charleston, $163,000.

Timothy L. Jackson to Clayton Edward Higginbotham. Lot, Union District, $120,000.

Theodore P. and Marilyn D. Traube to Rohan-Chad Lakai Simpson. Lot, St. Albans, $67,000.

David L. Hood II to Timothy L. Jackson. Lot, Union District, $179,500.

Kevin and Melissa A. McGlothen to Ronald E. and Kathryn K. Constable. Lot, Loudon District, $192,500.

2730 Investment LLC to Kenneth J. Jr. and Carlotta P. Yonkers. Lot, Loudon District, $265,000.

Errol M. and Joyce D. Sadlon to Carly B. Trentini. Lot, Elk District, $180,000.

James W. Lane Jr. to United Bank Inc. Lots, Jefferson District, $60,000.

Hatfield Enterprises Inc. to Appalachian Mini Storage Inc. Lots, Union District, $72,000.

Seneca Trustees Inc. to GMAC Mortgage LLC. Lot, Belle District, $109,121.96.

Mark A. and Nell N. Miller to Ann Carver Mathews. Lot, Loudon District, $164,000.

Kimberly D. and Jeffery R. Augustine to Rebecca A. Lambert. Lot, Washington Tax District, $419,000.

Kelly Christine Buckner to John M. and Mollie Stewart. Lot, Malden District, $92,900.

Eddie Lee and Lena Ethel Ross to Tony L. and Tara H. Ross. Lot, Big Sandy District, $195,000.

Jeffrey J. and Joann C. Leepard to Jeffry A. Matthews. Lot, Charleston South Annex District, $179,900.

Laura L. Sperry to Kelli K. Caseman. Lot, South Charleston, $85,000.

Seneca Trustees Inc. to The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Co. Lot, Jefferson District, $73,810.55.

John M. and Kimberly Jo Roberts to Jessica Hamilton. Lot, Charleston North Annex District, $79,000.

Henry J. Dolch Jr. and Deborah A. Donzelli-Dolch to Michael and Teresa Sitler. Lot, Charleston South Annex District, $565,000.

Judith Ann Jarrett and Larry J. Mahaney to Della N. and Kenneth E. Dean. Lot, Union District, $137,000.

Allen R. Harper to Paul A. Walker. Lot, Poca District, $63,400.

E. Kirk Ware II to Thomas G. and Amanda J. Stover. Lots, Union District, $492,000.


The following property transfers of $50,000 or more were recorded in Putnam County between Feb. 28 and March 14:

John D. and Amanda G. Daniels to Amanda Lou and Christopher Matthew Hagy. Lot, Curry District, $210,000.

Melanie C. Lyons and Melanie Smith to Paul King Irrevocable Trust. Lot, Winfield District, $246,000.

Carl S. Baldwin to Leslie A. Talbert. Lot, Scott District, $103,000.

Dynamic Construction LLC to Charles E. Roberto. Lots, Curry District, $150,000.

Gibson Builders Inc. to Lucien R. Sammons III. Lot, Hurricane District, $282,500.

James W. Lane Jr., James W. Jr. and Kara L. Davis to United Bank Inc. Lots, Hurricane District, $150,000.

Seneca Trustees Inc. and Thomas H. Logsdon and Amber D. Patton to JPMorgan Chase Bank. Lot, Curry District, $77,350.

Eugene Lee and Darlene E. Neal to Gregory P. and Christina M. McCartney. Lot, Teays Valley District, $345,000.

William Joseph White to Suzanne M. Jenkins. Square feet, Teays Valley District, $170,000.

Thomas R. Tully to Holly Eugene Nichols Jr. Lot, Poca District, $130,000.

Randell G. Adams to Susan Carson. Lots, Hurricane District, $120,000.

Lance D. and Lori A. Hager to Francis E. and Mary E. Demaria. Lot, Scott District, $210,000.

Michael Lee and Christine Yates Keeling to Brian Douglas Reed. Acres, Buffalo District, $90,000.

HSBC Bank USA National Association and Wells Fargo Home Equity to Cynthia A. Smith. Lots, Hurricane District, $103,000.

Joel I. and Elizabeth A. Lewis to Rusty L. Lavender. Lot, Scott District, $332,000.

Charles L. and Doris M. Donovan to Eric A. Lyons. Acres, Scott District, $90,000.

Adam D. and Jillian E. Jividen to Stephen M. and Wanda A. Deahl. Lot, Eleanor District, $180,000.

Marsha C. Todd to Mandie J. Simpson. Parcel, Scott District, $144,000.

Mark L. and Lisa G. Meadows to Christopher S. and Lea Anne Vadrea Vickery. Lot, Teays Valley District, $283,000.

Catherine E. Jackson to Basil E. and Linda J. Sanson. Tract, Scott District, $185,000.

Gregory P. McCartney to Steven L. and Leslie A. Boyer. Lot, Scott District, $167,000.

Craig M. and Amy Wentz Berner to Anthony L., Noble D. and Linda Sue Maddox. Lot, Scott District, $210,000.

Charles T. and Angela R. Warner to Robert D. and Sondra L. Mullins. Lot, Poca District, $269,000.

Lyle S. and Catherine A. Dolin to Jordon L. Simms. Acres, Union District, $249,900.

Clarence Donald and Mary Jane Kersey to David L. and Sandra K. Smith. Tracts, Union District, $62,000.

Manuel Noya and Jennifer Martin to Robin R. Carr. Lot, Scott District, $153,000.

Cobblestone Subdivision LLC to Jonathan Ryan and Emily Smith Hoffman. Lot, Scott District, $82,000.

MKD Land Holdings LLC to Valdeacourt Farm limited Partnership. Parcel, Teays Valley District, $66,000.

Kimberly D. Hudson to John Ginn and Clara Padavick. Parcels, Hurricane District, $50,000.

S4 Development LLC to Center for Rural Health Development Inc. Lot, Teays Valley District, $350,000.

Paul R. Jr. and Donna M. Selan to Suvayan De Lot, Teays Valley District, $171,000.

Anson B. and Cristy M. Bowles to Nicole M. and Ryan M. Severyn. Lot, Scott District, $151,900.

Henry F. and Michelle E. Teschendorf to David B. and Angela G. Collins. Lot, Scott District, $484,000.


The bankruptcies listed below are limited to those filed by residents or companies in the Gazette's circulation area. Chapter 7 designates the liquidation of non-exempt property; Chapter 11 calls for business reorganization; Chapter 13 establishes a schedule of payments to creditors. The following bankruptcies were filed between March 8 and 15:

Lisa Michelle Craddock Keith, Holden, Chapter 7. Assets: $188,215, Liabilities: $223,900.

James Herschel Kelley, Dunbar, Chapter 7. Assets: $55,887, Liabilities: $133,978.

Timothy Charles and Barbara Helen Sampson, Spencer, Chapter 7. Assets: $70,415, Liabilities: $104,311.

Lilly Suzan Evans, South Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $15,090, Liabilities: $36,558.

Glenna Jean Kennedy, Chapmanville, Chapter 7. Assets: $18,172, Liabilities: $19,486.

Linna Jane West, Whitesville, Chapter 7. Assets: $7,427, Liabilities: $25,382.

Sherry Lee Frame, Nitro, Chapter 7. Assets: $118,703, Liabilities: $166,609.

Benjamin Thomas and Ginger Ranae Harris, St. Albans, Chapter 7. Assets: $8,911, Liabilities: $134,591.

Charles Cecil and Jessica Brandy Dunbar, Clear Creek, Chapter 7. Assets: $127,350, Liabilities: $127,445.

Martha Lucille Lembach, Quinwood, Chapter 7. Assets: $60,335, Liabilities: $106,407.

Cody Aaron Reed, Williamsburg, Chapter 7. Assets: $2,125, Liabilities: $32,967.

Denzel Lambert Meador, Meadow Bridge, Chapter 7. Assets: $28,700, Liabilities: $24,680.

Willia Thomas Burton, Alderson, Chapter 7. Assets: Unknown, Liabilities: Unknown.

Bruce Wayne and Nancy Ann Bruno, Lewisburg, Chapter 7. Assets: $0, Liabilities: $124,278.

Kelly Lynn Burdette, Charleston, Chapter 13. Assets: $0, Liabilities: $156,143.

Rodney Eugene Jr. and Wendy Yvette Short, Verdunville, Chapter 13. Assets: $270,929, Liabilities: $278,050.

Bill C. Jr. and Susan Elizabeth Martin, South Charleston, Chapter 13. Assets: $65,000, Liabilities: $103,907.

Charles Stanley Sturey, Charleston, Chapter 13. Assets: $260,552, Liabilities: $156,342.

Edsil Herman Jr. and Joyce Elaine Prunty, Charleston, Chapter 13. Assets: $210,627, Liabilities: $544,102.

Restaurant scores

The Kanawha-Charleston Health Department issues non-critical and critical violations. Critical violations are given to incidences that relate directly to the protection of the public from food-borne illness. The incidences are not negotiable and must be corrected immediately. Repetitions of critical violations may lead to enforcement actions or permit suspension. The following restaurants were rated, and the number of critical violations issued are included:

Dome Bar & Grill, 311 57th Street: 10 critical violations. Inspector's comments: The person in charge is unable to demonstrate knowledge of food safety, 3 bowl sink setup, cooking temperatures; employee observed not washing hands before putting on gloves; employee observed handling customer sandwich with bare hands; raw hamburger above ready to eat food in refrigerator; ice scoop not clean to sight; hot dogs in prep cooler at 46 F, cooler above 41 F; cole slaw not date marked in refrigerator; ice machine not clean to sight; evidence of pests as demonstrated by droppings was observed in kitchen; spring-loaded mouse traps behind freezer.

Company Cafeteria, 1450 East DuPont Ave., Belle: 9 critical violations. Inspector's comments: The person in charge is unable to demonstrate knowledge of 3 bowl sink set up, cooling food, food safety; employee observed not washing hands before working with food after talking on cellphone; employee observed not washing hands before putting on gloves; raw eggs stored above ready to eat food; chili on buffet line 122 F; deli meat not date marked; ice chute not clean to sight; evidence of pests as demonstrated by droppings was observed in dry storage area; spring-loaded mouse trap under dish area.

IHOP, 6308 MacCorkle Ave. S.E.: 9 critical violations. Inspector's comments: The person in charge is unable to demonstrate knowledge 3 bowl sink, dishwasher test strips; employee observed touching hair, putting hat back on then putting on gloves; employee observed not washing hands and changing gloves after wiping face with hand; raw eggs stored above mashed potatoes; chicken in Max cold cooler being cold held at 47F, cooler above 41; eggs in walk-in cooler not date marked; fan covers in walk-in freezer not clean to sight; Dish machine at 0 parts per million sannitizer; cleaners stored over clean dishes in dish area.

Applebee's, Kanawha Mall: 7 critical violations: Food employee picked up container off floor and returned to work without washing hands and changing gloves; food employee wiped gloved hands on pants when returned to working with food without changing gloves and washing hands; food employee splashed sanitizer water in container of spinach on prep counter; chicken at 55 F in McCall cooler, cooler above 41 F; ice machine not clean to sight; vegetable chopper put away dirty; ceiling vent not clean to sight.

Benny's, 808 Third Avenue, Montgomery: 7 critical violations. Inspector's comments: Drinking cup without cover was observed in food preparation area; cooked chicken stored touching bag of raw chicken in cooler, eggs stored on top shelf; deli meat cole slaw not date marked; hood not clean to sight; chemicals stored next to food in storage area; Raid Ant and Roach Spray found in dry storage and behind bar, not allowed; Decon in bar area, not allowed.

Rita's Diner, 7971 Cabin Creek Road, Cabin Creek: 6

Golden Corral, 412 New Goff Mountain Road, Cross Lanes: 5

Foodland, 12604 MacCorkle Ave., Chesapeake: 5

Roxalana Grill, 3310 Roxalana Ave., Dunbar: 4

Gino's, 712 Third Ave., Montgomery: 4

Kroger, 1439 MacCorkle Ave., St. Albans: 3

Rio Grande, 503 First Ave., Nitro: 3

Asian Buffet, Nitro Market Place, Cross Lanes: 3

Los Agaves, 1003 Dunbar Ave., Dunbar: 3

7-Eleven, 5425 Midland Drive: 3

Domino's, 701 Oakwood Road: 2

Clark's Christian Care Inc., 145 Walnut St., East Bank: 2

Bamboo Garden Restaurant, 6411 Sissonville Drive, Sissonville: 2

Joe Fazio's Restaurant Inc.: 1008 Bullitt St.: 2

Logan's Roadhouse, 201 RHL Blvd.: 2

7-Eleven, 402 Fourth St., Nitro: 2

Foodland, 6405 Sissonville Drive, Sissonville: 2

Summit, 129 Summers St.: 2

Burger King, W.Va. Turnpike: 1; upon reinspection, also 1

Chesapeake Senior Center, 12404 MacCorkle Ave., Chesapeake: 1

Los Amigos, 2911 Seventh Ave.: 1

Hot Spot, 4008 Washington St. W.: 1

Holiday Inn Express, 107 Alex Lane: 1

Starbucks Coffee, W.Va. Turnpike, Oak Hill: 1

Par Mar Store, 2328 Kanawha Terrace, St. Albans: 1

Sunbridge Care & Rehabilitation, 501 Caldwell Lane, Dunbar: 1

Sweetbriar, 505 Caldwell Lane, Dunbar: 1

Pizza Hut, 12404 MacCorkle Ave., Chesapeake: 1

One Stop, 129 Lee St. W.: 1

Rite Aid, 10404 MacCorkle Ave., Marmet: 1

Dunbar Middle School, 27th Street, Dunbar: 1

Vatella's Carry-Out, 10695 Cabin Creek Road, Eskdale: 1

Happy Days, 600 D St., South Charleston: 1

Edible Arrangements, 11 Riverwalk Mall, South Charleston: 1

Los Agaves, 508 Third Ave., South Charleston: 1

Tudor's, 1506 Washington St. E.: 1

Ponderosa Steakhouse, 109 Crossings Mall, Elkview: 1

Mama Rosa & Beyond LLC, 527 Washington St. W.: 1

Taco Bell, 4200 MacCorkle Ave., South Charleston: 1



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