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On file: May 16-23, 2013


The following people applied for marriage licenses in Kanawha County between April 3 and May 6:

Timothy Frank Boyd, 54, and Angela Marie Oakley, 36, both of Charleston.

Douglas Dewayne Johnston, 51, and Denise Larae Reveal, 51, both of Nitro.

Roy Lee Myers, 52, and Joyce Ann Saunders, 46, both of Charleston.

Gregory Eliot Shanks, 41, of Dunbar and Rachel Ann Oglesby, 41, of East Bank.

Odie Lee Reveal Jr., 28, and Alison Elizabeth Ehman, 26, both of Charleston.

Kennith Addison Butler, 82, and Karen Sue Gray, 62, both of Charleston.

Michael Scott Sears, 27, and Alexandria Dawn Lay, 25, both of St. Albans.

Clarence Edward Terrell Jr., 48, of Montgomery and Lynette Asonia Anderson, 43, of Charleston.

John Ward Eakin III, 25, and Amber Michelle Surface, 25, both of Charleston.

Brent Lloyd Hall, 32, and Bethany Buchanan Knowles, 30, both of Charleston.

Dolan Harold Drennen, 21, and Kelsey Lynn Bennett, 18, both of Elkview.

Roger Duwayne Harris, 23, of South Charleston and Danielle Leann Shirley, 21, of Sumerco.

Larry Joseph Beaver, 56, and Dreama Kaye Holstine, 47, both of Marmet.

Ronnie Lee Webb, 38, and Carrie Lynn Balser, 37, both of Cedar Grove.

Brandon Scott Bailey, 24, and Amanda Dawn Walker, 30, both of Nitro.

Chad Edward Brown, 25, and Cassie Paige Puskas, 22, both of Charleston.

Timothy Lee Smith, 31, of Charleston and Sharon Sue Browning, 39, of Alkol.

Robert Wayne Wheeler, 48, and Betsy Lynn Frame, 40, both of Belle.

Robert Montey Hopkins, 26, and Eboni Dawn Le-Dora Booker, 24, both of Charleston.

Rashaad Rassir Goins, 31, and Cierra Sherial Calloway, 25, both of Charleston.

Robert Alexander Cagna, 53, of Dunbar and Mary Elisabeth Whitley, 55, of South Charleston.

Charles Ronald Brown Jr., 36, and Angela Dawn Walker, 36, both of Charleston.

Frank James Waugh Jr., 31, of Dunbar and Jamil Leigh Lambert, 34, of South Charleston.

Jerry Allen Thomas, 45, of Sissonville and Lea Ann Blankenship, 42, of Nitro.

Frederick David Saul II, 37, and Elizabeth Ann Kennedy, 31, both of South Charleston.

Curtis Dane Huddleston, 62, of West Salem, Ohio, and Diania<co > Lynn Bartley, 62, of Charleston.

Dennis Wayne Holt, 52, of Charleston and Frances Kay Kennedy, 48, of Elkview.

Chris Lee Taylor, 40, and Brenda Gay Witt, 40, both of Charleston.

Joshua Lee Boggess, 22, of Romance and Laura Michelle Summerhill, 22, of Belle.

Scottie Dale Meredith, 27, and April Michelle Nolen, 27, both of St. Albans.

Joseph Wayne Wagner, 34, and Petra Vlckova, 24, both of Dunbar.

Stephen Ezelle Abshire, 54, of Beckley and Angela Louise Cottrill, 46, of Charleston.

Benjamin Thomas Shannon, 24, of Charleston and Jessica Audrey Hill, 24, of Clendenin.

Gary Douglas Hunter, 61, and Angelina Joan Hyden, 58, both of St. Albans.

Jake Alfred Edens, 34, of Dunbar and Misty Dawn Bailey, 35, of St. Albans.

Terry Lee Fields Jr., 27, of Charleston and Katie Dawn Allen, 28, of St. Albans.

Eric Daniel Casto, 24, and Michelle Lynn Winston, 23, both of Cross Lanes.

Charles Patrick Guthrie Jr., 31, and Patricia Nicole McFerran, 29, both of South Charleston.

Sean Joseph Schoolcraft, 29, and Angela Nicole Johnson, 29, both of Clendenin.

Russell Dwane Lein Jr., 38, and Carol Anne Pauley, 30, both of St. Albans.

Clifford Lamont Starcher, 33, and Shaina Gineve Riggall, 36, both of Charleston.

Shannon Connare Carr, 31, and Tessa Marie White, 28, both of Charleston.

Michael Weston Pugh, 31, and Michelle Lyn Sprague, 31, both of Dunbar.

Travis Matthew Angel, 24, of Charleston and Brittany Nicole Moore, 20, of Sissonville.

Daniel Dallas McCune II, 34, of Charleston and Elizabeth Ann McCallister, 26, of Alum Creek.

Kenneth Mathew Creasy, 27, and Dana Marie Smook, 27, both of Charleston.

Don Lynn Baldwin, 23, and Bridget Nicole Canterbury, 22, both of Charleston.

Keith Anthony Bergeron, 52, and Lisa Sue Jones, 48, both of Elkview.

Bryce Wilson Burch, 25, of Pensacola, Fla. and Sarah Lynn Swor, 27, of Elkview.

Michael Dewayne Morris, 48, and Delva Jean Tennant, 51, both of Hansford.

Brent Lee Seals, 22, of Charleston and Brittany Andrianna Parks, 21, of South Charleston.

Curtis Leo McVey Jr., 45, and Melisa Michelle Beall, 45, both of Charleston.

David William Allen Markham, 23, and Shanna Rae Bailey, 22, both of Cross Lanes.

Larry William Fields Jr., 45, and Robin Lynn Combs, 55, both of Sissonville.

Eric Joseph Webb, 24, and Paula Renee Kerwood, 23, both of St. Albans.

Ronnie James Wentz, 42, and Alyson Marie Robinson, 31, both of Charleston.

Joshua Randolph Stricker, 24, and Caitlin Jean Crede, 22, both of Elkview.

Lawrence Jack Richardson, 36, and Tracy Lynn Ketter, 35, both of South Charleston.

Kenneth Lorimer Hunter, 30, and Suzanna Marie Racer, 30, both of Charleston.

Christopher Lee Cain, 29, and Samantha Jo White, 25, both of Charleston.

Ronald Franklin Brown, 24, and Talia Renee Meadows, 24, both of St. Albans.

Harvey Allen Harmon, 45, and Jane Ann White, 44, both of Charleston.

Sean Robert Williams, 30, and Sarah Reyanna Thomas, 30, both of Cross Lanes.

William Ray Linville, 38, of Cabin Creek and Jenny Lou Pace, 35, of Dry Branch.

Michael Joseph Mullins, 42, and Jennifer Adelle White, 29, both of South Charleston.

David Lee Pauley Jr., 20, and Amanda Dawn Cook, 31, both of Elkview.

Devin Kyle Spurlock, 24, of Charleston and Brittany Renee Romeo, 20, of East Bank.

Fidel Garcia Jr., 66, and Alice Marie Weddingon, 59, both of Dunbar.

Donald Ray McBrayer, 28, and Amber Marie Turek, 21, both of Belle.

Bobby Joe Elmore Jr., 42, and Casey Miranda Woods, 30, both of Elkview.

William Frank Aliff Jr., 35, and Katasha Rachelle Logsdon, 24, both of St. Albans.

Charles Robert Major, 34, and Kortney Denise Smith, 28, both of Charleston.

Jonathan Cole Taylor, 51, and Kristine Jean Mullins, 34, both of Charleston.

Mark Darrin Carson, 51, and Julie Lynn Powers, 53, both of Clendenin.

Christopher Allen Boice, 29, and Brittany Anne Myers, 27, both of Sissonville.

Mark Allen Armstrong II, 34, and Heidi Lynne Abrahamsen, 38, both of Charleston.

James Leonard Hansen, 69, and Kathryn Lou Hudnall, 63, both of Charleston.

Dennis Frederick Bonham, 60, of Cedar Grove and Brenda Kaye Duffield, 50, of Belle.

Matthew Alan White, 42, and Victoria Marie Moore, 36, both of Belle.

Raymond Lee Devary Jr., 30, and Kelly Dawn Myers, 46, both of South Charleston.

Maurice Valentino Rollins, 40, and Janeen Ebony Smith, 35, both of Charleston.

Roy Dustin Berry, 28, and Jaime Leann Baiuley, 27, both of South Charleston.

Timothy Lee Halstead, 21, of Tornado and Brittani Nichole Alford, 21, of St. Albans.

Anthony Wayne Patterson, 29, and Jessica Nichole Stowers, 24, both of Hernshaw.

Bradley Darrell Milam, 27, and Alicia Gaye Neal, 23, both of Cross Lanes.

Eric David Evans, 28, of Summersville and Selena Beth Parson, 26, of St. Albans.

Michael William Stark, 27, of Charleston and Amanda Nicole Schlak, 27, of Huntington.


The following people filed for divorce in Kanawha County between May 16 and 23:

Jason Fisher from Melissa Fisher

Holli A. Henson from Joshua Mobley

Rhonda Connard from James Connard

Patrick Noon from Christine Noon

Richard E. Armstrong from Y. Suzanne Armstrong

Tuesday Berry from Arnett Hoston Jr.

Kelly J. Ciccarella from Joseph D. Ciccarella

Jessica Morris from William Morris

Carlos W. Hamilton from Ashley Marie Hamilton

Robin L. Jenkins from Harry W. Jenkins

Daniel Nidy from Holly Nidy

Nora L. Oscanyan from Mike Oscanyan

Tara Renae McCullough from Jason Duane McCullough

Kandi Holley from Tommie Darrell Holley

Lindsey Gilman from Larry Gilman

Steven Bratchett from Jennifer Dorsey

Alisha Marie Fisher from Mark Wayne Fisher

Michael Mullins from Amanda Mullins

John Browning from Stephanie Browning

Suzette Bailey from Cecil Bailey

James R. Lowery Jr. from Wilma Jean Lowery

Leslie Ann Thomas from Christopher Michael Thomas

Amanda Ising from Eric Ising

Lisa Marie Dalporto French from Arnold Lee French II

Steven L. Burton from Tara N. Burton

Timothy Oxley from Grace Oxley

Tanya Skiles from Alan Skiles

Karen E. Farris from John T. Farris


The following people filed for divorce in Putnam County between May 10 and 23:

Scott A. Brown from Jennifer A. Brown.

Tina G. McDaniel from Kevin L. McDaniel.

Jennifer Sheridan from Stephen Sheridan.

Jeffery Zamberlan from Deborah A. Zamberlan.

Laura Paul from Junior Paul.

Beatrice Y. Maynard from Michael L. Maynard.

Angela S. Fletcher from Hamilton K. Fletcher.

Carolyn S. Handley from Garley R. Reynolds.

Gregory Scott Lowe from Faith E. Lowe.

Phyllis Dent from Sidney A. Dent.

Deanna Thornton from Kenneth Thornton.

Property transfers

The following property transfers of $50,000 or more were recorded in Kanawha County between May 17 and 24:

Terry L. and Ashley B. Rine to Zachary Alan and Erin Raye Hopkins. Lot, Elk District, $229,900.

J. Rachelle Marion, Barbara Marion Miller, et al, to Jesse Edward and April J. Pauley. Lot, Marmet, $179,500.

Gregory D. and Ruth E. Loftis to Eric D. and Christina Marie Albright. Lot, Union District, $176,000.

William B. and Kathryn Collison to Joshua L. Lester. Lot, Charleston, $230,000.

Debra F. Sparks to Douglas and Segurid Holden. Lot, Charleston North Annex Taxing District, $250,000.

Karen Wiggins Holland and Leahgreatta Chiles Hairston to William J. Bogard. Lot, Charleston, $98,000.

John A. and Cheryl D. DiCarlo to Richard C. Stadler Sr. Lot, Union District, $85,000.

Teays Valley Trustees, LLC to Nationstar Mortgage LLC. Lot, St. Albans, $82,721.26.

James W. Reed Jr. to Reed Brothers Limited Partnership. Lot, Kanawha City Taxing District, $160,000.

Aaron B. and Marta E. Cartwright to James R. and Deborah L. Reed. Lot, Jefferson District, $75,000.

Doris Ann Raymond to Aaron T. Armstrong. Lot, St. Albans, $56,000.

AB Contracting Inc. to Michael and Tara D. Peterson. Lot, Washington District, $256,000.

Silver 5 Development Inc. to Robert A. and Malena Scalise. Lot, Loudon District, $355,000.

John E. III and Pamela Cook to Warren D. and Sandra N. Price. Lot, Union District, $77,000.

Michael D. Crum to Pat's Property LLC. Lot, Charleston South Annex Tax District, $67,000.

Alisha G. and Benjamin R. Maddox to Michael D. and Erin M. Crum. Lot, Charleston, $316,000.

Russell W. Casto III to Mountain State Properties LLC. Lot, Nitro, $65,000.

Judith Kay Summerfield, Robert Lee Roy and Patricia Ann Red to Deborah Jean Stowers. Lot, Charleston, $117,500.

Agnes R. Cassis and Alice R. Hajjar and Bona Vista LLC, to BHK Properties, LLC. Lots, Charleston, $710,000.

Eleanor L. Barnett to SO Jack LLC. Lot, Union District, $90,000.

Johnathan L. and Jenna D. Elmore to Jeremy and Bobbie L. Elswick. Lot, Elk District, $75,000.

Andres Arboleda and Liliana Rincon to Paul Thomas and Molly Swank Johns. Lot, Washington District, $600,000.

Sharon Ward and James E. Price to Thomas R. Caldwell II. Lot, Union District, $117,000.

Eric A. Hicks to Will M. and Tensie Bradley. Lots, Charleston West District, $100,000.

Seneca Trustees Inc. to U.S. Bank National Association. Lot, Kanawha City District, $149,600.

Swarthmore Capital LLC to Christopher C. Price. Lot, Union District, $146,500.

Robert S. McFarland Jr. to Michael A. and Megan R. Bailey, Lot, Washington District, $200,000.

Danny Burdette to Melissa D. Duncan. Lots, Kanawha City Taxing District, $69,000.

Dolores Johnson to Santhakumari Anil Sukumaran Nair and Leena Anil. Lot, Poca District, $178,000.

Teays Valley Trustees LLC to U.S. Bank National Association. Lot, St. Albans, $76,500.

Lawrence F. and Ruth Dawson to Timothy W. Chandler and Brandy E. Parrish. Lots, Big Sandy District, $205,000.

Charles M. Moore to Abdulkader Farren. Lot, Washington Tax District, $440,000.

Corotoman Inc. to Energy Corporation of America. Lot, Charleston North District, $1,796,083.17.

Garrett and Lorien C. Suddath to Alex M. Greenberg. Lot, Charleston, $144,000.

Cody B. and Tiffany C. Wiseman to Craig A. and Terra F. Wissler. Lot, Union District, $156,750.

Robert A. Harrison to Emery F. Jr. and Rebecca J. Rice. Lot, Nitro, $87,500.

Michelle Elaine and Barbara A. Barron to Stephen Michael Barron. Lot, Charleston, $51,300.

Greg and Victoria Trent to Judith E. Withrow. Lot, Jefferson District, $180,000.

Pauline M. Emberson to Alfred R. and L. Gail Morris. Lot, Dunbar, $72,000.

Hereford and Riccardi, PLLC to Ralph and Alice Blackwell. Lot, Charleston North District, $88,000.

Jerry Lee and Deborah Blankenship Selbe to James Anthony and Laura Ann Sweeney. Lot, Loudon District, $177,500.

Karen H. Miller to Cecilia H. and H. Bernard Wehrle III. Lot, Loudon District, $188,245.94.

Kathleen S. Hodges to Mortgage Exchange Limited Liability Company. Lot, Charleston, $100,000.

Bill H. and Sandra G. Simon to Richard H. and Suzette Denise Vinyard. Lot, Spring Hill District, $98,000.

Golden & Amos LLC to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. Lot, Loudon District, $219,558.22.

Ronnie A. and Crystal G. Reeves to Janice Richards. Lot, Washington District, $68,000.

Patricia H. Young to Martha Nepa. Lot, Charleston North Annex Taxing District, $146,000.

Tamela J. Crouch, Robin R. Michels and Barry J. Michels to Tamela J. and Robert D. Crouch. Lot, Union District, $63,670.

Ray Saulino Contracting Inc. to John J. an Arlene N. Hanna. Lot, Elk District, $210,000.

John Guy and Anna Maria Polcari to Michael L. Hatfield Sr. Lot, South Charleston, $203,000.


The bankruptcies listed below are limited to those filed by residents or companies in the Gazette's circulation area. Chapter 7 designates the liquidation of non-exempt property; Chapter 11 calls for business reorganization; Chapter 13 establishes a schedule of payments to creditors. The following bankruptcies were filed between May17 and 24:

Megan Gail Underwood, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $9,505, Liabilities: $53,495.

Kevin Brent McCoy, Elkview, Chapter 7. Assets: $175,188, Liabilities: $166,103.

Harold Richard and Kristi Shawn Hurst, Big Creek, Chapter 7. Assets: $140,005, Liabilities: $133,484.

Kenna Lee Skiles, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $29,450, Liabilities: $84,070.

Dawn Sherry and Gregory Scott Vandergriff, St. Albans, Chapter 7, Assets: $15,157, Liabilities: $16,232.

Tammy Bass Coles, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $6,135, Liabilities: $66,549.

Evelyn Sue Blair, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $56,900, Liabilities: $35,250.

Diane Elizabeth Lewis, Montgomery, Chapter 7. Assets: $8,307, Liabilities: $14,207.

Martha Jean Hedrick, St. Albans, Chapter 7. Assets: $77,864, Liabilities: $41,801.

Annette Kay Roberts, Nitro, Chapter 7. Assets: $11,069, Liabilities: $31,638.

Larry Adams and Cynthia Mae Adams, South Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $105,239, Liabilities: $93,773. 

Wayne Julius Curry II, Logan, Chapter 7. Assets: $132,102, Liabilities: $110,080.

Roger Dean and Patricia Ann Cottrell, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $14,484, Liabilities: $34,281.

Bobby Ray and Virginia Irene Honaker, Sissonville, Chapter 7. Assets: $45,619, Liabilities: $57,639.

Donna Gail Crittendon, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $32,820, Liabilities: $169,274.

Steven Alan Williams, Alum Creek, Chapter 7. Assets: $25,197, Liabilities: $43,792.

John Wade and Kimberly Dawn Godbey, Falling Rock, Chapter 7. Assets: $18,884, Liabilities: $59,641.

Tina Gay Butcher, Craigsville, Chapter 7. Assets: $5,293, Liabilities: $63,744.

Brian Scott Smith, Shady Spring, Chapter 7. Assets: $0, Liabilities: $48,394.

Garrett William and Donna Juanita, Odell, Charleston, Chapter 7. Assets: $185,088, Liabilities: $233,122.

Mark Steven Hawley, Beckley, Chapter 7. Assets: $15,800, Liabilities: $48,207.

Bruce Edward and Deborah Lynn McCallister, White Sulphur Springs, Chapter 7.  Assets: $78,277, Liabilities: $76,648.

Tobie Lee and Aimee Sue Hilderbrand, Naoma, Chapter 7. Assets: $75,200, Liabilities: $74565.

Monroe Gardens LLC, Talcott, Chapter 11. Assets: Unknown; Liabilities: Unknown.

Sybil Boyce Reynolds, Lewisburg, Chapter 11. Assets: $518,796, Liabilities: $3,926,000.

Vicki Lynn Woods-Dennison, Elkview, Chapter 13. Assets: Unknown, Liabilities: Unknown.

Gun permits

The Kanawha County Sheriff's Department has issued concealed-weapons permits for the following Kanawha County residents:

Jon Adamson, Chesapeake

Olivia Adkins, Elkview

Dinah Adkins, Cross Lanes

Lorie Asbury, Charleston

Brenda Ashworth, Charleston

Tommy Bailey, Elkview

William Bailey, Charleston

Dale Baldwin, Sissonville

Dora Baldwin, Dunbar

Jason Barrick, South Charleston

Dayton Beard, Cross Lanes

Ciara Bennett, Charleston

Justin Bess, Glasgow

Melissa Bess, Charleston

Rodney Booker, Charleston

Ervin Booth, Pinch

Jaime Bowman, Charleston

Leonard Boyd, Charleston

Fenroy Brown, South Charleston

Jamie Brunetti, South Charleston

Gilbert Burdette, Clendenin

Elizabeth Burdette, Clendenin

Casey Burgess, Nitro

Mark Burgess, Nitro

Ivan Butts, Charleston

Forest Carper Jr., Elkview

Jonathan Carr, Charleston

Samuel Carroll, South Charleston

Okey Cecil III, Charleston

Deanne Clark, St. Albans

John Clay, Charleston

Andrew Crawford, Tornado

Caitlin Jean Crede, Elkview

Gregory Dennis, Dunbar

Mark Dolin, Charleston

Nicholas Justin Downs, St. Albans

Lisa Elmore, Pinch

Dale Exline, Elkview

Jacob Fertig, Charleston

Terry Fields, Charleston

Eldon Fitzwater, Charleston

Michael Garton, Elkview

Robert George, Clendenin

Andrew K. Gillispie, Dunbar

Charles Gillman, Charleston

Ronald Godbey, Charleston

Charles Gray Jr., Belle

Raymond Griffith Jr., Elkview

Jennifer Grindstaff, Elkview

Travis Gritt, Cross Lanes

Stephen Groves, Elkview

Jennifer Hackney, Charleston

Joey Hackney, Charleston

Connie Hall, Belle

Brett Hamilton, Charleston

Jerry Hanson, Charleston

Dale Harper, Elkview

Mark Harper, Pinch

William Hayes, Charleston

Erick Haynes, Dunbar

Christopher Henderson, Charleston

Joshua Hendricks, Charleston

Susie Hissom, Elkview

Bobby Hodge, Shrewsbury

Mark Holmes, Charleston

Dustin Holston, St. Albans

Betty Holt, Elkview

Drema Huffman, Elkview

Raymond Huffman, Elkview

Russell Humphrey, Charleston

Trevor Hustead, Cedar Grove

Cynthia Jackson, Clendenin

Kenneth Jackson, Clendenin

William James II, St. Albans

William Jean, Dunbar

Aaron Johnson, Charleston

Darin Johnson, Pond Gap

Jessica Johnson, Charleston

Alfred Jones, Nitro

Carolyn Jones, Elkview

Gregory Jones, Charleston

Randolph Jones Sr., Elkview

Joey Jordan, Cross Lanes

Jerri Kaufman, Charleston

Matthew Keaton, Charleston

Carol Keaton, Charleston

Gary Keffer Sr., Charleston

Daniel Kelly, Charleston

Karen Kelly, Charleston

Steven King, Charleston

Mark Kurten, South Charleston

Tiffany Lacy, St. Albans

Nicholas Lane, St. Albans

Brenton Legg, St. Albans

Brian Legg, St. Albans

Rachel Lester, Charleston

Michael Letart Jr., Charleston

Judy Lewis, St. Albans

John Linger, Elkview

Kayla Linger, Elkview

James Masley, Charleston

William McCleary, Clendenin

Jason McCutcheon, Sissonville

Steve Miller, Clendenin

Sandra Moles, Elkview

Carolyn Morgan, South Charleston

John Morgan, South Charleston

Jonathan Morris, Elkview

William Murray, Charleston

James Nalle, Dry Branch

Charles Nichols, Charleston

Michelle Nichols, Charleston

Dana O'Brien, Charleston

Jay Orndorff, South Charleston

Linda Parsons, Charleston

Anthony Paterno, Charleston

Danielle Pearson, Dunbar

Gary Pence, Charleston

Judy Pennington, Dunbar

James Phillips, Charleston

William P. Pierce, Charleston

Nancy Pierce, Charleston

Thomas Plumley, Charleston

Joyce Pratt-Jordan, Cross Lanes

Paul Ramsey Jr., Pond Gap

Michael Randolph, Charleston

William Recupero, Cross Lanes

April Redman, St. Albans

Warren Reynolds, South Charleston

William Richmond, Charleston

Roger Riddle, Belle

Rebecca Rucker, Elkview

Jimmy Seabolt R., Falling Rock

Austin Sevy, Charleston

Gregory Shepherd, Elkview

Oscar Shepherd, Elkview

Henry Shores, St. Albans

Roy Smith Jr., Charleston

Steven M. Smith, Clendenin

David Smolder, Charleston

Patricia Spaulding, Dry Branch

Aaron Spencer, Charleston

Patricia Spurlock, Charleston

Joseph Stephenson, Charleston

Joshua Stricker, Elkview

Tanya Summers, South Charleston

Thomas R. Taylor, Dawes

Edward Toler, St. Albans

Judy Tuemler, St. Albans

Kenneth Tyler II, Charleston

Daniel Vance, Charleston

Michael Vigilante, East Bank

William Vogel III, Dunbar

Kimberly Walker, Charleston

Robert Walker, Charleston

Brian Watson, Cross Lanes

Ashley Weaver, Elkview

Timothy Webb, Cross Lanes

Kensie Westerfield, Elkview

Jay Whittington, Dunbar

Kimberly Williams, Charleston

Michael Williams, South Charleston

Darren Wilson, Pratt

Fred Wiseman, Elkview

Katherine Wiseman, Elkview

Steven Wiseman, Elkview

James Workman, Cross Lanes

Karen Yeager, Belle


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