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Huntington residents report several black bear sightings

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. -- Residents of several Huntington neighborhoods are on edge following recent bear sightings.

Media outlets report that a least one black bear has been seen in neighborhoods off Norway Road.

Nathan Bowen, who works at Dixon Electrical Systems & Contracting Inc., said workers found bear paw prints on a trash bin last week.

"There was a bunch of trash strewn out of the Dumpster, and basically the trash was strewn up toward Garden Farms Subdivision," Bowen told The Herald-Dispatch. "I went out a couple days later, and you can still see the prints on it where she came out of the Dumpster. It looks to me like you could also see smaller prints also on the outside, so I would assume that she had a cub with her."

Kim Vincent said she found a bear paw print on her front porch.

"I told my husband to come out and look at it and he said, 'That's not a bear print,' and I sent it to a DNR officer and my dad," Vincent told WSAZ-TV. "They both said it's a bear print."

Glenna Hensley, who likes to work in her flower garden, said the bear sightings have made her apprehensive.

Black bear sightings are not unusual in West Virginia but they are uncommon in Huntington.

The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources said June and July are peak times for bears to be on the move.


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