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On file: Aug. 2-9, 2013


The following people applied for marriage licenses in Kanawha County between Aug. 2 and 9:

Robert Eugene Daily, 55, of Dry Branch and Roxanna Lynn Hawkins, 43, of Red House.

Kevin Michael Williams, 30, and Ashley Ryan Neutzling, 25, both of Cross Lanes.

Terry Elton Mallory, 46, and Stacy Lynn Smith, 38, both of Charleston.

Ronald Lee Carpenter, 45, and Joei Lynn Evans, 43, both of St. Albans.

Corey James Robinson, 32, and Domonique Jahan Overstreet, 26, both of Charleston.

Timothy Lee Cotton, 51, and Karen Sue Facemyer, 36, both of Charleston.

Travis Ryan Inghram, 25, and Destiny Faith Ferrell, 20, both of Cedar Grove.

William Todd Morris, 35, of St. Albans, and Stephanie Ann Ahart, 26, of Belpre, Ohio.

Justin Bradley Tarman, 22, and Katherine Ann McCorkle, 24, both of Charleston.

Travis Ray Guist, 45, of Cross Lanes and Angela Lee Sears, 41, of Poca.

Timothy Luke Lowther, 29, and Amanda Gail Kuhn, 31, both of Charleston.

Branden Kelley Clark, 32, and Tonya Lea Sharp, 32, both of Dunbar.

Derrick Sean Isabell, 42, and Tashina Nicole Daniels, 38, both of Dunbar.

Michael Allen Billings, 49, of Squire and Amber Dawn Shaffer, 33, of Charleston.

James Glenn Boatwright III, 20, of Wallback and Kayla Anne Roush, 21, of Elkview.

Justin Lee Smith, 23, of Poca and Katie Ann Ferrell, 21, of South Charleston.

Terry Lee Peck, 35, and Jessica Brooke Brown, 29, both of Clendenin.

Roy Lee Wilson Jr., 37, and Tracy Ann Elmore, 35, both of Eskdale.

Matthew David Gentry, 30, and Michelle Ann Dyer, 37, both of Charleston.

David Elwynn Matthews, 37, and Cheryl Renee Searls, 42, both of Charleston.

Marc Alexander Rigsby, 26, and Shayla Kathleen Miller, 24, both of Charleston.

Larry Jacob Flowers, 34, and Melissa Kay Hill, 20, both of St. Albans.

Jonathan David White, 35, and Brandi Dale Green, 37, both of Elkview.

Ryan Andrew Holyak, 19, and Kelsey Nicole Vessels, 17, both of Cross Lanes.

Joshua Matthew Varner, 30, and Chasity Nicole Smith, 19, both of Charleston.

Calem William Bridgette, 23, and Christina Demetrice Laing, 28, both of St. Albans.

Scott Adam Lanham, 22, and Ashley Nacole Kinder, 25, both of Charleston.

Eugene Payne Jr., 64, of San Francisco, and Mary Frances Clements, 65, of Charleston.

Antwon Martell Thomas, 32, and Teresa Lashawn Adkins, 36, both of Charleston.

Eric Benjamin Roberts, 30, and Tina Louise Adkins, 40, both of South Charleston.

James Bernard Jones, 52, and Shawna Gail Beller, 30, both of St. Albans.

Paul Junior Hall Jr., 57, and Tonette Gaye Asbury, 53, both of Charleston.

Kenneth Allen McBrayer, 23, and Golden Patricia Brown, 23, both of Charleston.

Chase Lee Foster, 26, and Stephanie Amber Sara Wickline, 26, both of Sissonville.

Robert Matthew Deahl, 22, and Phoeneisha Jaquice Smith, 25, both of Charleston.

Jeremy Wayne McCoy, 27, and Tressie Jo Arthur, 27, both of Marmet.


The following people applied for marriage licenses in Putnam County between July 25 and Aug. 8:

Thomas Edward Jason Rhodes, 33, and Stacey Elizabeth Clayton, 35, both of Hometown.

Robert Sylvester Reed, 43, of Nitro and Tammy Jane Sovine, 42, of Hurricane.

Kenneth Wayne Groom Jr., 31, of Dunbar and Kelly Renae Harris, 27, of Poca.

Matthew Lexton Taylor, 24, and Carla Jo Workman, 27, both of Hurricane.

Tyler Michael Calhoun, 21, and Lauren Chanelle Borchert, 21, both of Hometown.

Joseph Henry Hudson, 29, and Katie Elizabeth Myers, 23, both of Scott Depot.

Matthew Richard Cremeans, 22, and Jill Elizabeth Collins, 23, both of Hurricane.


The following people filed for divorce in Kanawha County between Aug. 1 and 8:

Diana Shirkey from Warren Shirkey

Chanel Washington from Larry Washington

Sonia Michael from Charles Michael

Kayla Price from Gregory Price

Heather M. Mullins from Robert D. Mullins

Jeffery Brode from Melissa G. Brode

Penny Elaine Gallagher from John Noel Gallagher

Rustie Elkins from Steven Elkins

Jessica L. Ellis from Michael J. Ellis

Cynthia Perdue from Charles Perdue

Francis Lamp from Richard Lamp

Polly Camidge from Jason Camidge

Brittany Paige Anderson from Joe Henderson Davis Jr.

Victoria Kay Thomas from Zachary Keith Thomas

Ronnie D. Lesher from Helen Louis Lesher

Gloria Jean Lemley from William E. Lemley


The following people filed for divorce in Putnam County between July 25 and Aug. 8:

Tammy Kay Atkins from Steven James Atkins.

Walter A. Duckwyler Jr. from Yvonne Duckwyler.

Tracey Dawn Westfall from Todd Westfall.

Amy Lynn Kovacik from Arnold Jason Kovacik.

Gerald Woodrow Fitzwater from Kayla Sue Neeley.

Alice Bivens from Eric Bivens.

Charles Dawkins from Lori Ann Dawkins.

Thomas Allen from Lavender Allen.

Joseph Wayne Estes from Natasha Estes.

Shanna Honaker from Brandon Honaker.

Brittany Good from Anthony Good.

Tracey Candita Assi from Ghassan Ali Assi.

Linda Graff from James Graff.

Heather Bailey from Jeremiah Bailey.

Patrick Franklin Rutan from Carrie Lynn Rutan.

John Gould from Nikki Gould.

Property transfers

The following property transfers of $50,000 or more were recorded in Kanawha County between Aug. 2 and 9:

Wendy M. Havens, Katherine M. Foley and Linda M. Townley to Robert C. Nottingham and Amber R. Fitzpatrick. Lot, South Charleston, $175,000.

Cheryl K. Payton to Douglas and Irene Hunt. Lot, South Charleston, $143,000.

Cartus Corporation to Chris N. and Lisa R. Cheaney. Lot, Charleston, $365,000.

Christopher O. Milan to Amanda N. Cunningham. Lot, South Charleston, $82,500.

Janet B. and Telford E. Crisco to Timmyle N. Larrabee. Lot, Charleston South Annex, $123,500.

Linda S. Erwin to Jonathan Lee Chandler. Lot, Poca District, $112,000.

Ernest L. and Alice F. George to Scott W. and Brooke L. Tyree. Lot, Elk District, $190,800.

Religious Coalition for Community Renewal Inc. to Khalid Ali Baqer and Fatimah Salman Hoshi. Lot, Charleston North District, $125,000.

Anna J. Kiger to Christopher B. and Lisa Slack Smith. Lot, Charleston, $142,050.

Philip J. Hesketh and Rhiannon N. Taylor to Claude Covert Jr. Lot, Jefferson District, $123,000.

Joseph S. and Stacy A. Peal to Samuel W. and Crystal G. Peal. Lots, Loudon District, $115,000.

Huntington National Bank to Matthew F. Bukovinsky. Lot, Union District, $149,000.

Jeri Holbrook Maynard to Linsey M. Givens and Randal J. Taylor. Lots, Elk District, $76,000.

James David Fisher, Karen Sue Gallagher, Debra Ann Snyder, Beverly Lynn Sisson, Susan Renee Griffis and Sandra Kay Adams to Charleston Calvary Baptist Church of the Nazarene by Charles Boggs, James Gingerich and Michael Talbert, trustees. Lot, Union District, $100,000.

Charles Edward and Elizabeth Mae Jordan to Gary Wayne Jordan. Lot, Union District, $50,000.

Christi D. Bowe to Debra G. Hamrick. Lot, Nitro, $80,000.

Amy C. Scott to Christopher O. and Amanda Milan. Lot, Charleston, $189,000.

Trina G. Young to Regina Young. Lot, Malden District, $89,000.

Robby Lee and Cynthia G. Keith to Samuel G. and Emily M. Deem. Lot, Washington District, $715,000.

Brenda Susanne Jackson, John Bryant Sweeney II, Harry Jerome Sweeney et al. to Cynthia Anne Pauley. Lot, Elk District, $54,666.66.

John Alan Davis to Michael L. and Kathy L. Boggs. Lots, Elk District, $50,000.

Carolyn Sue Songer to Joseph B. Neeley. Lot, Elk District, $166,000.

Charles H. III and Melinda Morris to Chad E. Silva. Lot, Charleston South Annex District, $165,500.

Randy A. and Kelly R. Stonestreet to Larry E. and Coleen L. Davis. Lot, Washington District, $209,900.

Jeffrey B. and Buffy A. Drabish to Gregory A. and Jennifer A. Stover. Lot, Elk District, $317,500.

Gregory E. and Frankie L. Kirk to Eric C. and Brittany A. Coughlin. Lot, Loudon District, $170,000.

Patricia Melton to Valerie N. and Mathew R. Roach. Lot, Elk District, $85,000.

Teays Valley Trustees LLC to PHH Mortgage Corp. Lot, Hernshaw, $85,364.55.

Teays Valley Trustees LLC to Bank of America. Lot, St. Albans, $116,220.

Carolyn S. Martin to Paula Reilley. Lot, Charleston, $129,900.

Sara M. McMillion to Allison E. Burford. Lot, Charleston, $54,900.

Golden Amos PLLC to Wells Fargo Bank. Lot, St. Albans, $60,763.81.

Mark A. Samples to Kelly Apgar. Lot, Union District, $139,000.

John Andrew Cavender Jr. to M&P LLC. Lot, Loudon District, $86,500.

Connie Kesner to Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas. Lot, Dunbar, $124,000.

Daryn M. Tracy to Kristopher B. and Carrie S. Casto. Lot, Jefferson District, $165,000.

Joseph B. Simms to Mark A. Simms. Lot, Charleston, $100,000.

Isom and Sandra K. Ooten to M&P LLC. Condominium, Charleston, $115,000.

M&P LLC to John A. Cavender Jr. Condominium, Charleston, $115,000.

Richard E. Tawney, Vicki L. Tawney, Brooke Tawney and Paige Tawney to Joshua L. Cooper and Cami Birchfield. Lot, St. Albans, $78,000.

Travis W. and Elizabeth A. Lynn to Jarrell J. and Melissa D. Plumley, Elk District, $160,000.

Stricklen Realty, Inc. to John E. and Jamie C. Goetz. Lot, Charleston South Annex District, $562,675.

Joel E. and Lisa R. Hartney to Michael W. and Elaine D. Gayton. Lot, Jefferson District, $405,000.

Patton Development WV LLC to ARC DGPNCWV001 LLC. Lot, Elk District, $1,283,914.11.

Lake Enterprises Inc. to Skaff Family Limited Partnership. Lots, Jefferson District, $160,000.

Terry L. Lake to Skaff Family Limited Partnership. Lot, Spring Hill District, $210,000.

Margot F. Saunders to Stuart A. and Mary M. McMillan. Lot, Loudon District, $573,000.

Elaine D. and Michael W. Gayton. Lots, Jefferson District, $280,000.

Steven Allen Foster and Susan Marie Harper to Jeremy E. and Jenifer L. McKnight. Lot, East Bank, $80,000.

Anna Louise Robinson to Karen Torman. Lot, Jefferson District, $62,000.

Matthew W. and Mary A. Caldwell to Patricia S. Cook. Lot, Charleston South Annex District, $141,000.

HSBC Mortgage Services Inc. to Kalila Company Inc. Lot, St. Albans, $67,000.

Jerry M. Boggess to Carl Fuller Jr. Lot, Union District, $86,000.

John D. Watson to Kristin N. Peal. Lot, Jefferson District, $89,900.

Larry E. and Coleen L. Davis to Larry Wayne Davis. Lot, Washington District, $99,000.

Brandon M. Evans to June C. Klassen. Lot, Elk District, $67,000.

John D. Justice to Melinda Kean Kelley and Glen Kessler. Lot, Union District, $213,900.

Jesse A. and Debbie S. Smith to Becky L. and James D. Sisk. Lot, St. Albans, $130,000.

Juanita Kay Mullins to Gail H. Pack. Lot, Jefferson District, $54,500.

Jabco Realty LLC to Queen Creek Enterprises LLC. Lot, Charleston East District, $115,000.


The following property transfers of $50,000 or more were recorded in Putnam County between July 25 and Aug. 8:

Kevin and Krista Wallace to Scott and Lisa Grandon. Lot, Eleanor District, $156,000.

Leslie Lumber Company to Richard and Debra Zirbel. Lot, Scott District, $484,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to Donald and Patricia Grubb. Lot, Winfield District, $115,100.

Andrew and Harold Erwin and Arzie Yoak to Lee Investments LLC. Lots, Eleanor District, $55,000.

Gregory and Michelle Kujawa to Ellis and Julia Conley. Lot, Scott District, $272,500.

Richard and Debra Zirbel to Jason and Melanie George. Lot, Scott District, $231,500.

Richard and Darlene Claar to Martha Fernandez. Lot, Curry District, $231,000.

Michael and Berchel Eads to Hugh and Karen Stidham. Lot, Scott District, $165,500.

John and Shannan Godbey to Debra Price. Lot, Winfield District, $312,500.

Gregory and Cheryl Wright to Kevin and Lisa Prevett. Lot, Scott District, $212,500.

Wilma McClung to Herman M. Warner and Amanda K Warner LLC. Acres, Scott District, $750,000.

Gary and Marlene Harris to Eugene Potter. Lots, Poca District, $130,000.

Eric and Patricia Drennan to Daniel Harmon. Acres, Scott District, $135,000.

Geoffrey Henderson to David and Shannon Smyer. Lot, Teays Valley District, $169,150.

Caroline Kramer, Hector Rodriguez, Amanda Adams and Rebecca and Candace Kimble to Walter Hayslett. Parcels, Scott District, $120,000.

Norman Craig to Stephen and Donna Browning. Lot, Eleanor District, $90,000.

James Parsons to Victoria Angel Monday. Lot, Poca District, $85,000.

Swarthmore Capital LLC to Jeffrey and Debra Barnes. Lot, Scott District, $56,000.

M&B Development Company LLC to Jeffrey Brown and Kelly Bishop. Lot, Scott District, $202,850.

John and Tammy Dill to Leslie Pritt. Lot, Scott District, $276,000.

Teays Valley Hardware Inc. to Ronald Anderson. Acres, Hurricane District, $400,000.

Clifford and Marguerite Kisner to Yvonne Jones. Lot, Scott District, $248,000.

William and Janet Faulkner to Joe and Susan Teetor and Daniel Kahn. Lot and parcels, Curry District, $102,500.

Carla Dailey to Barbara Casto. Lots, Bancroft District, $120,000.

Melvin and Patricia Lager to Jerry and Mary Matson. Lot, Scott District, $610,000.

Bruce and Donna Belfield to Carolyn Stuart. Lot, Scott District, $174,000.

Chad Baber to Heather and Matthew Moles. Lot, Scott District, $260,000.

Nina Wright to Andrea Frohnapfel. Lot, Scott District, $240,000.

Sudhir Srivastava to Tommy and Kristin Dixon. Lot, Scott District, $418,000.

Christopher and Suzette Johnson to Raymond and Carole Allison. Lot, Scott District, $279,900.

Meridian Mortgage Investors Fund VIII LLC to Christopher and Laura Griffith. Acres, Scott District, $165,000.

Llewellin Wilkinson and Teays Valley Trustees LLC to Citifinancial, Inc. Lots, Curry District, $67,543.

Mary Alice and Gregory Dennis and Teays Valley Trustees, Inc. to Beneficial West Virginia, Inc. Lot, Scott District, $80,681.

Herberto Perdomo to John Clonch. Lot, Scott District, $180,000.

Vickie Lynn Martin Stevens to Uma and Usha Sundaram. Lots, Scott District, $580,000.

Robert and Gayla Sovine to Michael and Tetyana Hurlbert. Acres, Teays Valley District, $195,000.

Keith and Elizabeth Karnes and Talma Brown to Timothy and Cindy Mick. Lot, Poca District, $69,900.

Shiloh House of Prayer, Vineyard in the Hills, and Christian Fellowship to Wells and Wells Property LLC. Acres, Scott District, $365,900.


The bankruptcies listed below are limited to those filed by residents or companies in the Gazette's circulation area. Chapter 7 designates the liquidation of non-exempt property; Chapter 11 calls for business reorganization; Chapter 13 establishes a schedule of payments to creditors. The following bankruptcies were filed between Aug. 2 and 9:

Clarence Denver Jr. and Deborah Cheever Fugate, Kincaid, Chapter 7. Assets: $63,820, Liabilities: $151,207.

Robert James Peterson II, Sumerco, Chapter 7. Assets: $6,707, Liabilities: $401,580.

Kenneth Wayne and Mary Elizabeth Taylor, Dille, Chapter 7. Assets: $49,645, Liabilities: $121,735.

Mark David Frye, Danville, Chapter 7. Assets: $29,488, Liabilities: $33,506.

Joseph Edward and Shellie Lee Laws, St. Albans, Chapter 7. Assets: $36,595, Liabilities: $89,635.

Glen Edward Sampson, Spencer, Chapter 7. Assets: $6,638, Liabilities: $18,593.

Carol Sue Wilkinson, Summersville, Chapter 7. Assets: $51,910, Liabilities: $54,997.

Harold Kenneth and Billie Sue Farley, Yawkey, Chapter 7. Assets: $119,913, Liabilities: $282,860.

Richard Steve and Deborah Ann Fowler, Ridgeview, Chapter 7. Assets: $71,760, Liabilities: $39,828.

Roger Dale Thornton Sr., Charmco, Chapter 7. Assets: $46401, Liabilities: $86213.

William Edward and Tanya Gay Stokes, Clear Fork, Chapter 7. Assets: $63,946, Liabilities: $74,504.

Melissa Ann Wiley, Oceana, Chapter 7. Assets: $95,200, Liabilities: $116,918.

Katherine Lynne McGhee, Surveyor, Chapter 7. Assets: $11,624, Liabilities: $44,576.

Robin Maureen Batten, Sissonville, Chapter 13. Assets: Unknown, Liabilities: Unknown.

Tina Louise and Adam Wade Cogar, Webster Springs, Chapter 13. Assets: $35,835, Liabilities: $207,131.

Restaurant scores

The Kanawha-Charleston Health Department issues non-critical and critical violations. Critical violations are given to incidences that relate directly to the protection of the public from food-borne illness. The incidences are not negotiable and must be corrected immediately. Repetitions of critical violations may lead to enforcement actions or permit suspension. The following restaurants were rated, and the number of critical violations issued are included:

Rice Bowl, 121 A Goff Mountain Road, Cross Lanes: 12 critical violations. Inspector's comments: Employee observed not washing hands before working with food; pan of raw chicken stored on top of pan of raw beef; raw pork stored in container with cooked ham; rice and egg rolls stored at room temperature overnight; vegetables, meat are improperly date marked in walk-in cooler; crab rangoons are improperly date marked in Victory cooler; sauces are improperly  date marked in Pepsi cooler; inside of salt container not clean to sight; ice machine not clean to sight; mixer not clean to sight; meat slicer not clean to sight; can opener not clean to sight. Upon reinspection on Aug. 4, the restaurant received no critical violations.

McDonald's-Quincy, 2700 E DuPont Ave., Belle: 11 critical violations. Inspector's comments: Employee observed not washing hands before returning to work with food; employee observed not washing hands before returning to work with food; food employees putting hands inside of fry box, touching fries; liquid eggs stored on top of apple juice; burritos in cooler being cold held at 61 F.; can opener not clean to sight; drive thru ice chute not clean to sight; customer pop machine not clean to sight; ice machine not clean to sight; ceiling above food prep area not clean to sight, cords, monitors; bleach powder stored on top of ice machine. Upon reinspection on Aug. 1, the restaurant received 1 critical violation.

Cozumel Mexican Restaurant-South Hills, 1120 Fledderjohn Road: 10 critical violations. Inspector's comments: The person in charge is unable to demonstrate knowledge; open can of soda in food cooler; drinking cup without cover was observed in food; raw eggs stored above milk; raw beef and chicken on ice 49 F; non food-grade plastic products used to store food; ice machine is visibly soiled; no hand sink at bar; evidence of pests as demonstrated by many flies in kitchen; employee medicine stored above food prep area is not properly protected. Upon reinspection on Aug. 4, the restaurant received 2 critical violations.

Chelyan Foodland, 15065 MacCorkle Ave., Cabin Creek: 9 critical violations. Inspector's comments: Raw sausage, bacon stored above ready to eat food in display case; raw eggs stored above yogurt and cream cheese in dairy case; Barbecue meat is improperly date marked; can opener blade in bad repair; meat slicer not clean to sight; Hobart Cuber not clean to sight; chemical spray bottle not labeled with contents; chemical cleaner stored with food in reduced food cart; De-Con boxes being used in store.

Berry Patch, 1 Berry Hills Drive: 7 critical violations. Inspector's comments: Employee observed not washing hands before putting on gloves; employees observed not washing hands after touching dirty dishes at the dishwasher and before touching clean dishes; drinking cup without cover was observed in food preparation area; employee observed handling [ready to eat food] with bare hands; PHF in cooler not date marked (cut fruit, cheese, sandwich meat); salad dressings dated 7-12-13 still in cooler; rinse temperature  less than 160 degrees F. Upon reinspection on Aug. 4, the restaurant received 1 critical violation.

Walmart, 1001 Warrior Way, Quincy: 6

Golden Living Center of Glasgow, 120 Melrose Drive, Glasgow: 6

Joe's Fish Market, 1121 Quarrier St.: 4

Tudor's, 1506 Washington St. E.: 4

Berry Hills Country Club Pro Shop, 1 Berry Hills Drive: 3

Ridgewood Pool, 1 Ridgewood Way, South Charleston: 3

B&A Market, 4833 MacCorkle Ave., S.W., South Charleston: 3

New Dragon Garden, 1453 MacCorkle Ave., St. Albans: 2

Upton's Food Mart, 3024 E DuPont Ave., Shrewsbury: 2

7-Eleven, 1111 Jefferson Road, South Charleston: 2

Bo-Daddy's, 318 7th Ave., South Charleston: 2

Glendale Pool Concession, 1600 King St., South Charleston: 2

Mimi's-Quincy, 2700 E DuPont Ave., Belle: 2

Applebee's, 3 Dudley Farms Lane: 2

Overtime Lounge LLC, 322 7th Ave., South Charleston: 2

Las Trancas Mexican Restaurant, 121 Cross Terrace Blvd.: 1

Bob Evans-Southridge, 2809 Mountaineer Blvd: 1

Burger King-Nitro, 20 Nitro Market Place, Nitro: 1

Asian Buffet, 50 Nitro Market Place, Cross Lanes: 1

Gino's Pizza of Elkview, 1 Elkview Shopping Plaza, Elkview: 1

Mojo's, 312 7th Ave., South Charleston: 1

Tri-State Concessions, Inc.-Hotel Bar & Kitchen, 1 Greyhound Drive, Cross Lanes: 1

Smiley's Lounge, 6210 MacCorkle Ave., St. Albans: 1

Kroger-West Side, 500 Delaware Ave.: 1

Go-Mart, 51st Street: 2

Penn Station-St. Albans, 612 3rd Ave., St. Albans: 1

Qdoba Mexican Grill, Charleston Town Center: 1

Gun permits

The Kanawha County Sheriff's Department has issued concealed weapons permits for the following Kanawha County residents: 

James H. Armstrong, Cedar Grove

Norvell Atkins Jr., Belle

David Bagnato, Dunbar

William Basham, South Charleston

Roxanne Berry, South Charleston

Stephanie Bess, Cedar Grove

Charles Bolen, Belle

Thomas E. Booher, South Charleston

Amber Brown, Charleston

Robert Brown, Charleston

Pierre Charbonniez, Charleston

William Cunningham, Dunbar

Richard Cunningham Jr., Charleston

Sayde Daniels, Charleston

Sonya Dodson, Clendenin

Otho Jay Dye, Elkview

David Frercks, Elkview

Dale Gandee, Charleston

Loretta Gandee, Charleston

Jeffrey Garnes, Charleston

Patrick Grady, East Bank

Ralph Grady Jr., Cabin Creek

Danny Gray, Tornado

Catrina Hancock, Charleston

Delbert Harbert Jr., Charleston

Harold Hautala, Nitro

Robert Lee Hudnall, Cedar Grove

Ralph Jarrett, Nitro

Jennifer Karr, St. Albans

Sean Keating, Nitro

Nancy Kimble, Elkview

Charles Kimble, Elkview

Michael Lamarr, Charleston

John Lavender Jr., Handley

Susan Linden, St. Albans

Tiffany Mariani, Sissonville

Stephen Martin, St. Albans

William McCune, East Bank

Rose McCune, East Bank

James McGrew, Charleston

Charles W. Meadows, Nitro

Jeffrey A. Mellinger, St. Albans

Richard Messinger, Elkview

William Miller Jr., St. Albans

Emil Morgan, Charleston

Rufus Mosley Sr., Chesapeake

Brenda O'Neil, Charleston

William Ore, Clendenin

Richard Parsons, South Charleston

Wilber Parsons, Nitro

Rohit Patel, South Charleston

Dallas Pauline II, Charleston

George Powers, Charleston

Jonathan Price, South Charleston

Matthew Rawlings, Charleston

Debbie Redman, Charleston

Daniel Reynolds, Charleston

Felicia Roark, St. Albans

Judith Ann Roberts, South Charleston

Thomas J. Roberts, South Charleston

Isaac Rose, Charleston

Dewey Roush Jr., Clendenin

James Snyder, Dunbar

Thomas R. Stevens, III, Charleston

Tina Strickland, Charleston

Eugene Summers, Sissonville

Stella Summers, Sissonville

Charles Taylor, Elkview

Rebecca Thaxton, Sissonville

Pamela Walker, Cross Lanes

Phyllis Wehrmann, South Charleston

Anna Wilkinson, Hugheston








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