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St. Albans sets restrictions on two new streets

By Staff reports

ST. ALBANS, W.Va. -- St. Albans City Council members set restrictions on two streets newly adopted into the city during a meeting Monday night.

Skinner Drive, off Kanawha Terrace, would now have a speed limit of 15 mph and parking on the left side would be prohibited, Mayor Dick Callaway said. The street previously had a speed limit of 20 mph.

Council members also agreed to change the speed limit of Cowl Drive, near Ninth Street and Kanawha Terrace, from 20 mph to 15 mph. Callaway said he would sign these two new street restrictions into ordinance this week.

Both streets were recently added to the city.

Also during Monday night's meeting, members of the Gateway Christian Church on B Street asked City Council members to approve the purchase of a piece of property behind their church. Callaway said the existing property owner wants to subdivide the land to give the church a piece of it.

The church is having slippage problems in its parking lot and needs access to the property to fix it, Callaway said. City Council members would vote on that purchase during next month's meeting.

Also on Monday, council members learned that more than 5,000 cars have traveled through the city's Festival of Lights holiday light show at City Park. The lights will be on every evening from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. through Dec. 26, but will not be on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.


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