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Related links - Excellent articles by some of the nation's leading experts on health care and cost. Particularly relevant:

- Covering the Uninsured: How Much Would It Cost?

- Why Is U.S. Spending So Much Higher?

- Tracking Health Care Costs: Trends Stabilize, but Remain High

- Canada's Pharmacare for Seniors - A multi-organization effort dedicated to achieving universal health insurance. You can sign up for a weekly roundup of news related to the subject. - The Kaiser Family Foundation has produced several informative reports about health care and insurance costs. Several reports focus on minorities, Medicaid, CHIP, and employer-sponsored insurance. - Several extensive reports on Medicaid, Medicare, people without insurance - From the American College of Physicials / American Society of Internal Medicine. A web site by doctors that begins with the motto, "Universal, affordable and accessible healthcare is the cure for America's epidemic."

ttp:// - 2002 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation report, "Care Without Coverage: Too Little, Too Late." Academic examination of the consequences of uninsurance.



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