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June 14, 2013: Guns; 130th bridge; I-64 pile-up; hospital thanks; MTR

What's wrong with these people?


After living in this state for over 44 years and having ancestors who settled in what was Pendleton County, Va., in the 1760's, I finally have to throw up my hands and ask, "What's wrong with these people?"

Apparently, we're not content with blowing off the tops of our mountains, destroying our drinking water and making being a union member almost a crime. Now, we want to let people bring guns into our parks, pools and public venues.

I guess we'll call it " stand your ground" when two mothers blast away at each other when their little one gets pushed off the Jungle Gym.

The greatest insult of all is the fact that our elected NRA-supported officials won't allow these same people to bring firearms into their places of meeting.

I repeat "What's wrong with these people?"

R.B. Hiser



What's behind 130th 'security concern'?


There has been a great deal of coverage concerning a proposal to build a bridge over the Elk River recently.

Retired General Tackett urgently advocates that taxpayers fund the bridge to prevent closure of the 130th Airlift Wing at Yeager. The coverage indicates that the fact that a public road runs past the 130th's facilities is a security risk, placing the installation at risk of closure.

If proximity to public roads is a criterion for shuttering military bases, installations such as Forts Riley and Leavenworth in Kansas, Fort Campbell in Kentucky, Fort Lee in Virginia and countless others would be subject to closure.

One has to wonder what else is driving this effort, other than this "security concern."

Jon K. Johnson



Don't blame truckers for I-64 pile-up


Chuck Runyon, chief of emergency operations for the West Virginia Department of Transportation, couldn't pass on the chance to negatively mention trucks: "These trucks, ... they really do drive too fast. They didn't cause the accident today, but a lot were involved with it."

Were they going too fast? He doesn't know, and neither do I.

Being a daily trucker of this section of I-64, it can be challenging with the design of the entrance ramp at Exit 44 and vehicles wanting off at Exit 45. The best one can do is prepare while approaching it many miles back.

The best, alert trucker won't always escape trouble but will cut the chances down. I don't know any details but what the paper gave.

Please, if it wasn't a truck's fault, why pour fuel to it.

Robert Bayless II



Thanks, to St. Francis, Thomas staffers


Recently, I had knee replacement surgery at St. Francis Hospital.

I thank Dr. Paul Legg and the nursing staff on 4 East. They were so kind and caring throughout my weeklong stay after the operation and during my recuperation.

I also would like to thank Eleanor Wiseman and the staff of the Thomas Memorial Hospital Physical Therapy Department. They have been a great asset to my recovery.

Bob Anderson

South Charleston


We are letting MTR destroy our home


I recently drove west down Gauley Mountain and saw the Great Kanawha River and its beautiful mountains spread before me that made me question why we believe it is permissible to destroy them.

Then I remembered the flattened mountains just east of the Chelyan Bridge. We are now destroying a mountain that lies on the road to the Mount Olive Correctional facility in Fayette County.

One at a time we are destroying our nest.

Gordon Billheimer



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