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April 8, 2014: right to bear arms; abortion bill; immigration; Rockefeller; Koch brothers

Will citizens now run amok with guns?


I am puzzled by Mayor Danny Jones actions regarding citizens being allowed the freedom to exercise their Constitutional right to bear arms. These same legally-permitted and professionally-trained citizens have been enjoying these same rights throughout the entire state for several years with no problems. Does Mayor Jones imagine that these previously responsible, law-abiding people will now run amok because they are on city property? The odds are far greater that they will prevent trouble than cause it. I will feel safer if they are there.

Keith Carte


Thank you, Tomblin, for vetoing abortion


I would like to personally thank Gov. Tomblin for vetoing the abortion bill. I would not be here if my mother had not been able to postpone her own child-rearing. As a newly arrived immigrant at the age of twenty, she found herself unintentionally pregnant despite contraception. On her own and without the knowledge of her mother or boyfriend, she found a doctor and avoided the early motherhood for which she was not prepared.

A few years later she found my father, got married, and remained so for 50 years until he died. During that time she lovingly raised two kids, got well-educated and contributed a great deal to society. At 93 she is still making her own decisions and doing fine with them. She just told me the story of her abortion and later approved this letter.

The success of our family owed to her ability to determine when to start it. Gov. Tomblin made a wise and courageous choice to kill that legislation. From my point of view it was actually pro-life.

Chris Chanlett


We need real immigration reform


The “so-called immigration reform” isn’t reform at all. It’s an economic and national security nightmare.

It is vital that we have REAL immigration reform. Sending young Americans to distant shores to fight for freedom makes no sense — when they come home and we’ve not only imported foreign workers to take their jobs, we import terrorists.

If demanding that our immigration laws be enforced is condemned by Congress, then our lawmakers have become lawbreakers. They need to be removed from office for breaking their oath of office.

Alice Click

Mt. Alto

Rockefeller has stood up for the people


As I sit here reflecting back on my life, I remember very well all of the 50 years Jay Rockefeller has been in West Virginia. Starting out as a VISTA worker, onto the House of Delegates, secretary of state, governor and finally U.S. senator, Jay Rockefeller has always stood up for the working men and women, senior citizens, veterans and the youth of West Virginia.

Simply put, my fellow West Virginians, there will never be another man to replace Jay Rockefeller. As West Virginia celebrates her 150th birthday, we should all remember and appreciate Jay Rockefeller for his life of service to this great state and its people. Thanks, Jay, for the great ride and the life that you helped me to achieve along the way!

Gene Stewart


The Koch brothers want an oligarchy


I suspected when the Charles G. Koch Foundation funded positions in the school of economics, this was a ploy to establish the “Americans for Prosperity” in West Virginia. The election of carpetbagger Attorney General Patrick Morrisey gave them credibility in the state.

I wonder if West Virginians know what the billionaire Koch brothers have in mind for this country, and West Virginia:

1. Destruction of unions. There would be no one to bargain for low-income and middle-class employees.

2. No regulations, including unsafe working conditions, no minimum wage, no benefits, slave labor.

I will be watching our senators, congress representatives and those running for these offices.

For all who hate President Obama, I suggest that they understand that the Koch brothers want an oligarchy, which is government in which the supreme power (corporations) have power over the poor and middle class. They will regret their hatred of the president when the Koch brothers’ plan for supreme power impacts not only them, but their children, grandchildren and the country.

Joan Porter Green



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