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Readers’ Voice

Could somebody explain to me how shutting down American industries that try not to pollute and then buying products from foreign counties that have no pollution controls will save the planet?

Yes Obama was elected by a group of American people. A group of uninformed, mislead, gullible people who believe and repeat anything they hear more than once.

You can tell its election time, here comes Fox TV with their one sided GOP report about the Dems spending money on election advertising but absolutely nothing about the Koch brothers infiltration of multi-millions of dollars no not one word. Truth is, all sides put forth.

Social media has become the modern version of the lynch mob. In a matter of hours the lemmings can have anyone tried, convicted and destroyed. The facts are irrelevant.

The six Republican fools running for the GOP nomination for Capito’s seat in Congress are making Capito look like a genius. Who writes the copy for their TV ads? They all say the same thing; one would think they’re running for president against Obama. What are their plans for helping our economy and getting us our of eternal war, instead of loving guns and hating the EPA?

I get so tired of gun nuts carrying on about their Second Amendment rights to carry a gun anywhere they want to but there are a few more amendments and the Constitution that protects the rights of other people to live safe from harm and to keep armed people out of their space.

The May 8, 2014 news headline said, “Slew of big firms say Obamacare hurting profits.” So the truth is finally out. It is not that Obamacare is bad for Americans, it is that companies are more worried about their profits than their workers. That certainly explains who the politicians are working for that so adamantly criticize Obamacare ... not Americans, but greedy special interest groups.

Why are people still smoking on hospital properties? Today the company doing landscaping work at General are just out in the open smoking their cigarettes.

The Republicans in Congress are terribly desperate. While there are hundreds of important issues that need to be addressed in our nation, the GOP keeps trying to flex their muscles during this election year on only two issues: Benghazi and the Affordable Care Act. How sad for our nation. It’s time to send them home.

I cast a straight ticket in early voting: all men.

Wow how ignorant can one be? No one is trying to control your diet, education or your health care. But the FDA will try to make what you eat and make the drugs you take safe. Go ahead and eat rat poison if you want, or keep your kids out of school if you don’t like it.

What business does Morrisey have in schools? That’s right, none.


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