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Essays on Faith: Sharing a little love

By Joseph J. Mazzella

It had been a long, hour and a half drive to the Veteran’s hospital. My brother and I had gone to visit my Dad who had been admitted days earlier, weak, sick and confused. The doctor had diagnosed pneumonia and found cancer cells on his brain. My Dad looked so sad lying there in bed. It wasn’t just the illness that was getting to him. It was also being so far away from his family and friends.

As I sat by his bed, a little woman with a big smile walked into his room. She was 80 years old if she was a day, but she seemed to have the vitality of someone 60 years younger. She was a volunteer delivering handmade get well cards from the local elementary school. Gently, she took my Dad’s hand and thanked him for his service to our country. It was the first time since he got sick that I saw my Dad smile. I followed her into the hallway as she left and thanked her for lifting my Dad’s spirits. “I am just sharing a little love, sweetie,” she said with a smile as she walked into the next patient’s room to share a little more.

That 80-year-old angel reminded me again of what is essential in this life: sharing our love. When we share our love we create joy not only in the hearts of those around us, but in our own hearts as well. When we share our love, we find ourselves doing what we were always meant to do. When we share our love, we make our souls lighter, our lives brighter and the world better.

Sharing love is sacred, precious and holy. Sharing love does the work of God. Sharing love makes the Earth feel more like Heaven. May you share a little love every single day of your life. May you share it with a smile on your face and a smile in your heart. May you make that love your gift to God, your gift to others and your gift to yourself.

Joseph J. Mazzella lives in Upper Glade.


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