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Pets of the Week: Holly hedgehog leads the way

By Maria Young, Assistant city editor for features
Photo courtesy of KARLA BOYD
According to her family, hedgehog Holly has a favorite treat: bugs.
Photo courtesy of BRANDON EVANS and CRYSTAL LUCAS Though some readers may differ, his owners claim Flash is “the best dog to be rescued from the local Kanawha County animal shelter.”
Photo courtesy of MARK TURLEY Missy is a Yorkshire terrier who loves to hunt moles and chase squirrels.
Photo courtesy of JOYCE OSBORNE Farha’s owner says her puppy “loves to watch everything around her.”

This week’s Pets of the Week are led by an unassuming but feisty leader, Holly the hedgehog. Holly is 8 months old and lives with Brittany Boyd, of Charleston, attending college with her in Morgantown. According to Brittany’s mom, Karla, Holly loves to “run around the living room and hide under the curtains.”

Flash is a 2-year-old hound dog whose owners, Brandon Evans and Crystal Lucas, of Charleston, say has “tons of personality” and “enjoys howling at the neighborhood joggers and bikers as they pass, long car rides with the windows down, burying her bones and chewing corn hole bags.”

Missy is a 7-year-old Yorkshire terrier who lives with Mark Turley in St. Albans. Mark says Missy “enjoys going back there and gathering nuts with me, but the spiny hulls hurt her paws, so she is happy to get in the pail to keep this from happening.”

Farha is a German shepherd puppy who lives with Joyce Osborne, of Elkview. True to her species and breed, Joyce says Farha is “very energetic.”

If you have a pet you think is worthy of Pet of the Week honors, drop us a line or two with your pet’s name, age (if you know it), breed (if you can tell), and a few details about what makes your pet special — along with your name and contact information. Send emails to with “Pet of the Week” in the subject line. Your pet will love you even more!


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