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Little-known religious history: Cristero war shattered Mexico

Even well-educated Americans have knowledge gaps about their nation. For example, did you know that Catholic-Protestant strife caused a cannon battle in the streets of Philadelphia in 1844? It happened during “nativist” ferment between...

Essays on Faith: Norms and normality

As a child, I became aware of what we might call “norms.” Bedtime was 8 p.m., no “ifs,” “ands” or “buts.” We were to be dressed in the morning by 7 a.m. and ready for school at 7:45. Sigh!...

Robert J. Byers: The tortured hills of West Virginia

I once reported from the site of a mine blowout in Raleigh County. It had been a snowy, rainy spring, and the mountain high above Rock Creek — its insides honeycombed with a waterlogged section of abandoned mine — simply burst, sending a ...

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