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In scary times, there's an impulse to hang onto every cent, to not think beyond taking care of your own. But if it's more difficult now for you, how hard must it be for those who have even less?

The following charities are included in the Christmas Fund program:
The Children's Home Society, Daymark, Heart and Hand, Manna Meal, Mountain Mission,Salvation Army, Union Mission, Gabriel Project and Covenant House.

Click here to download a mail-in donation form.

Or to make an immediate donation using a credit card or electronic check, follow the steps below and donate via PayPal*.

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Christmas Fund raises more than $64,000

The holidays are now behind us, but it’s nice to know that the warmth of the season will carry on through the many generous donations made by Gazette readers this season.

The Gazette Charities Christmas Fund has raised more than $64,000...

Christmas Fund needs late push to reach goal

Here’s hoping everyone had a wonderful Christmas Day.

Because of the many generous Gazette readers who have given to the Gazette Charities Christmas Fund this year, the glow of Christmas Day will continue on through the work of the...

Jericho House provides shelter while occupants get back on their feet

The success stories that emerge from some of the local help agencies supported by the Gazette Charities Christmas Fund aren’t always dramatic. Some are rather matter-of-fact. But when it comes to helping others get on their feet and moving in...

Teen expecting child looks for help

Natalie is a teenager who is expecting a child in February.

She is living with her parents, who are both disabled. They are excited about the upcoming birth of their first grandchild, but are struggling financially.

And now there will be a ...

Studying to be a nurse, single mom looks for help from Heart and Hand

Dreama is working hard and never asks for much, say the operators of Heart and Hand, a community service center that helps people, particularly parents of young children in need, with everything from utility and medicals bills to gathering food and...

Christmas Fund nears $44,500; still time to give

Christmas and New Year’s Day are closing in fast. Now is the time, if you would like to help those in need in our community.

Many Gazette readers have already helped out, by donating to the Gazette Charities Christmas Fund.


Bad chain of events leaves single mom of four wondering

Since age 13, she bounced around from family member to family member because of her unstable home life.

She’s now a young single mother -- the mother of four, actually.

Her one stable role model -- her grandmother -- died recently,...

With ailing heart, dad struggles to provide

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — This single father always worked hard to provide for his daughter. He’d never missed a day of work.

Now he is sidelined with a disability. In August, doctors discovered his heart was in serious trouble and...

Car wreck, work injury end family dreams

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Sometimes all it takes is one accident to send a hard-working family into poverty.

Annie, 29, had a good job and a promising future until she was hit broadside by a car while driving home from a friend’s wedding....

Grandmother trying to provide hope and new life for grandson

Living on a fixed income and with disabilities, this grandmother is trying to open her grandson’s world to better opportunities late in her life.

The boy’s mother abused meth and allegedly physically harmed him. His father...

Christmas Fund total tops $31,000

A family devastated by a house fire. A mother of six dealing with the medical bills brought on by her cancer. A girl facing an unplanned pregnancy — only to find out that she’s having triplets.


In 1926, members of the Charleston Mountain Mission church held a prayer meeting in the West Side hills that included a discussion of ways to help the community’s underprivileged. To begin addressing that issue, a free will offering was...