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Monday cartoon
Monday cartoon

Sarrah J. Woods: Why I’m giving up my smart phone

I want to register my voice as one who appreciates modern technology but does not want a smart phone. I’ve had one for about six years, and I’m in the process of giving it up.

I feel overwhelmed by the capacity to be...

Camp Brookside, 32-acre ‘Isle of Fun’ in New River Gorge, prepares for new role
Camp Brookside, 32-acre ‘Isle of Fun’ in New River Gorge, prepares for new role

HINTON — During the 1950s and ’60s, Camp Brookside was a 32-acre “Isle of Fun” in the New River for the children of workers at Union Carbide’s Electro Metallurgical Co. plant at Alloy....

James A. Haught: Hypnotized by a car
James A. Haught: Hypnotized by a car

A Charleston antique car buff who owns an 86-year-old Ford Model-A coupe helped organize today’s Rock the Park car show and concert at Kanawha State Forest.

Reading about it reminded me of the time I was hypnotized by a car. It was a...

Editorial: GOP love for sale

Frankly, we can’t imagine why anyone would support either Michele Bachmann or Ron Paul for president, if not paid to do so.

As it turns out, that’s exactly what happened. Former Iowa state Sen. Kent Sorenson pleaded guilty this...

Rick Wilson: W.Va. rages like it’s 1984

These are difficult times for coal miners in Southern West Virginia and for those whose lives are linked to them. Layoffs and mine closings have become almost routine events in the face of competition as well as changes in regulation. This is a time...

Monday cartoon
Monday cartoon

Vent Line: Aug. 30, 2014

Kent Carper and the Kanawha County Commission owe David Bowen an apology for what they put him through over this no-good, false accusation about the trees at Coonskin Park. He needs to apologize for the bad things he said publicly on the commission...

Editorial: When galaxies collide

Last week, the European Southern Observatory — a 15-nation consortium that operates telescopes in Chile — released a photo of two galaxies colliding. Here’s the stunner: It happened 7 billion years ago, when the universe was...

Readers’ Voice: Aug. 30, 2014

Express your opinion on any subject you wish. Not all comments are published. Call 304-357-4451 or email

Another wreck on Route 35, this time involving a school bus. How come Capito refused to get the funds to...

Sunday cartoon
Sunday cartoon

Daily Mail: A great-great grandmother’s gift

Her name was Mary Anna, and she was only 34 when she died. Yet something of her endures.

Her DNA, of course, flowed to her two sons and presumably to their children and their children’s children. Since I am her great-great...

Daily Mail: Short takes - Aug. 30, 2014

The refusal of the state Elections Commission, which includes Secretary of State Natalie Tennant, to allow Republicans to replace Delegate Suzette Raines on the ballot is contrary to a state Supreme Court ruling.

In 1992, Republican candidate...

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