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Friday cartoon
Friday cartoon

DMV nightmare drives businessman crazy


I have been a West Virginia resident for almost 40 years, and my driving record is blemish free. However, I did move to South Carolina and then back to West Virginia for business. By following the DMV regulations, I applied, and...

The same people keep winning the lottery


Lottery funds used to educated wealthy parents’ children in West Virginia is the worst type of socialist governing since capitalism became corporate America’s go-to word, a word used to cover up shady business practices....

Readers’ Voice: May 29, 2015

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Mr. U.S. Attorney, since the news indicates that ratepayers will now have to pay for AEP corporate jets and...

E.J. Dionne: Ireland’s ‘social revolution’

BOSTON — Consider the stunned disbelief, perhaps of a somewhat aggressive sort, that would have greeted anyone who might have told a tavern crowd in Dorchester or Southie three decades ago that Ireland would be the first nation in ...

Editorial: Drug problem relief?

Drugs of many sorts — heroin, meth, painkillers and the rest — are a curse upon West Virginia, destroying young people’s future, hurting families, wrecking jobs, filling jails and prisons. It’s a sad waste of human...

Friday cartoon
Friday cartoon

Jim Felsen: Is vicarious liability cost-effective in improving health status?

Over the last half-century there has been a shift in major responsibility for health status from individuals to health practitioners and institutions. Health status is viewed primarily as the result of how well government and private entities...

William V. DePaulo: Bring Snowden home

The verdict is now unmistakable: Snowden discovered in secret and exposed to the world a vast criminal conspiracy to subvert the Constitution by the highest ranking officials of the United States. After a hiatus of barely 24 months,...

Thursday cartoon
Thursday cartoon

Editorial: Fayette’s school crisis

For thousands of West Virginia children, education offers the main hope for a good future and a rewarding career. But Fayette County youngsters face severe obstacles.

In 2001, an overwhelming 86 percent of Fayette residents voted against a bond...

Letter: Fossil fuel industry is impeding progress


Thank you for writing about furniture builder turned climate advocate Jim Probst. I loved reading his story, and I appreciated his comment regarding people who don't want to believe climate change: the fact is, climate change or not,...

Letter: Delegate praised for Common Core lawsuit


All citizens should be concerned about and committed to excellence in our local schools.

That's why West Virginia Delegate Mike Folk, R-Berkeley, should be lauded for his recently filed Common Core lawsuit.


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