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Essays on Faith: Christmas stockings

Our thoughts of Christmas are graced with touching memories.

As a child, I, along with my sisters and brothers, put my Christmas stocking on a living room chair (we didn’t have a fireplace). And when Christmas morning came, we dashed into...

Building a consensus on Bigfoot and Atlantis

Thanks to the recent PBS series “The Roosevelts,” I was reminded again that despite its many challenges, America has “nothing to fear but fear itself,” as Franklin D. Roosevelt said in his first inaugural address. But,...


A story in Saturday’s Gazette-Mail incorrectly described the autopsy results of Michael Brown, who was killed by a Ferguson, Missouri, police officer. The story should have said that Brown was believed to have been shot in the hand at close...

At 85, ‘rebellious’ Lebanese matriarch embraces chosen life in America
At 85, ‘rebellious’ Lebanese matriarch embraces chosen life in America

She calls herself a rebel. At age 18, back in Lebanon, she did the unthinkable. A single woman leaving home? Unheard of. But Sue Namay’s adventurous spirit got the best of her, of course. So she flew, alone, to America, to go to college in...

Food: It’s what America’s ruining

On Friday, I was feeling kind of bad about taking a cannonball off my recently rejoined weight-watching wagon.

I’d given in to the siren call of free donuts, after a box magically appeared next to the newsroom coffee machine, its lid...

Essays on Faith: This grand adventure is just the start

You can see a lot of life in a small town grocery store. All you have to do is stand back, open your eyes and watch it go by in all of its wonderful diversity. Just the other day I saw a young couple holding hands while they walked down the aisles. I...

Innerviews: Even after 52 years in nursing, she can't walk away  
Innerviews: Even after 52 years in nursing, she can't walk away  

If there's an aspect of nursing Audrey Schmidt hasn't experienced, she'd be hard-pressed to name it. Her been-there-done-that career spans five decades and embraces about every duty imaginable -- OB, pediatrics, ER, ICU and CCU, IV therapy, home...

Essays on Faith: Are you teachable?

Are you teachable? That question presented itself to me after fatigue encouraged a winsome thought, “Let well enough alone.”

We all have been teachable. It occurs as we grow up. However, most of us have experienced foot-dragging...

At Indiana University, misspelling is cast in bronze

It’s one thing to spell a word wrong when you work for a newspaper in a market like mine.

I’ve done it more than a few times over the years but I never fail to feel like a moron when a misspelling for which I’m responsible...

Statehouse Beat: Capito’s debate absence not surprising

Shelley Moore Capito’s campaign followed one of the unwritten rules of electioneering Friday: Incumbents and/or front-runners shall participate in a maximum of one televised debate per election cycle.

Thus, when West Virginia Public...

Steelhammer: Exploring new thoughts on Indigenous Peoples Day

On this day 522 years ago, Christopher Columbus arrived in the New World with three shiploads of out-of-season summer clothes and plans to introduce its native people to their first-ever Moonlight Madness sale.

Or something like that.


Innerviews: Musician finds soul-stirring niche as composer  
Innerviews: Musician finds soul-stirring niche as composer  

He's a multifaceted, quintessential "Music Man." Mark Scarpelli has created music, in one form or another, for most of his 60 years. He plays piano, keyboards, accordion and drums.


The rankings that rankle

So which is it, pollsters? Are we the best or the worst?

I’m unhappy to report that a number of newspapers across the country carried the results of a survey released last week by WalletHub, a personal finance site, that ranked West...

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