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Editorial: Government by the rich, for the rich

America seems headed for government of the rich, by the rich, for the rich.

The famous Koch brothers revealed Monday that they and a circle of 300 fellow billionaires will pledge $889 million to back the GOP in next year’s election.

Editorial: Concealed weapons at Coonskin Park a hideous prospect

Should people with pistol licenses be allowed to carry hidden guns — making them ready to kill in an instant — amid golfers, picnickers, hikers, duck-feeders and playground-romping children at Coonskin Park?

This is a grotesque...

Editorial: Remembering Martin Luther King Jr.

The Rev. Ron English reminded us this year that West Virginia was among the states to designate Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday a state holiday before it became a national day of remembrance in 1986.

The Legislature first established...


We uncurled our Thursday Gazette to find this helpful explanation in “Readers’ Voice”: The reason your newspaper is curling is because wood and paper shrink and curl or warp when their natural moisture balance is reduced. These...

Editorial: Books are the key to knowledge

Reading is the path to knowledge and wisdom. It’s the key to information and awareness — to all the facts and ideas that thinking people should know.

A plaque at Kanawha County’s main public library quotes the sour Scottish...

Daily Mail: Short takes – Jan. 17, 2014

A story with a disheartening headline was floating through lots of people’s Facebook and Twitter feeds this week:


The Charleston Gazette: Signs of decay

Facts are facts. Republicans swept the 2014 election, so they now control Congress and most state governments for the next few years. Everyone must live with that reality and try to work together, hoping for the best. For the good of America, we hope...

Editorial: The reality of helping W.Va.

Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin made some important points as he hit the right cooperative note in his State of the State address to the new Republican majority Wednesday night.

Specifically, it was a pleasure to finally hear someone else call out those...

Editorial: Chickenhawk nation

“Chickenhawk” is a scornful term for Americans who support war — but make sure that neither they nor their children are sent into the horrors of combat. Now a top U.S. journalist applies the word to the whole country....

Editorial: Why does America have more jails than colleges?

America now has more jails than colleges. Census-takers in 2010 counted inmates in 1,800 state and federal prisons, plus others in 3,200 local and regional jails -- slightly more than 5,000 lockups.

In contrast, America has 4,599 degree-granting ...


On their first day in control of Congress, Republicans launched efforts to tamper with Social Security and to prevent desperate girls from ending pregnancies — two typical GOP goals. The upcoming two years, before the 2016 election, may bring a ...

Editorial: Hurrah for free community college plan

President Obama transformed America by providing health insurance to about 20 million more “working poor” folks. Now he wants another history-making change: providing two years of free college to nearly all young people who try hard to...

Editorial: W.Va. school board in denial about climate facts

Decades ago, the tobacco industry secretly sank millions into a campaign to cause confusion over scientific findings that cigarettes kill people. Friendly scientists were paid large sums to rebut the rise of ominous evidence. “Doubt is our...

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