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Tobacco is a crime but rape isn’t?

Tobacco is a crime but rape isn’t?


What a justice system we have in our great state of West Virginia. Our Supreme Court will pardon the state for being liable for its employees, some of which are rapists. Have you ever...

Shelter’s no-kill policy is the right one


Early May is known as the beginning of “kitten season.” Because many kittens are born in the first weeks of May, some recently weaned ones have been stealthily dropped in people’s yards or in front of local animal-...

Letters: July 10, 2014

Put political signs to a good use


New Vision Renewable Energy, a West Virginia-based Christian community development, non-profit organization found a way for Democrats and Republicans to work together for good. Two years ago in...

Readers’ forum: July 3, 2014

Teacher testing a must


While I enjoyed the informed op-ed on “Keeping good teachers,” the title was misleading since there wasn’t any discussion of differentiating good teachers from bad. Indeed, it was...

Readers’ forum: June 26, 2014

The greatest man I ever knew: my father


My father was Carroll Edward Jett. He was the most gentle man I’ve ever known. He was also the smartest.

My father was a state trooper. His job was to serve and protect. In 20...

Readers’ forum: June 27

Big climate stakes


Recent Gazette articles related to climate change appear to revolve around a centralized point — to accept or not to accept this phenomena. If one doesn’t accept, then I believe the evidence of the...

Dear Editor

A recent Gazette op-ed rolled out the absurdity that there is a war on coal. There is a coal war and it is being waged by the coal industry on us.

Julian Martin


Article on pot full of misinformation


After reading the commentary by Charles Maddox, I’m wondering if he should just arrange to re-release “Reefer Madness.” Honestly, alcoholism, in all its forms, is far more...

Letters: June 10, 2014

‘Liar’ description doesn’t serve people


Thursday, drinking coffee, scanning newspaper, and listening to local TV, I heard the word “LIAR”! Congressman Nick Rahall was the target.


Letters: June 6, 2014, Chemical leak, New Yorker piece

Taxpayers shouldn’t absorb cost of spill


Poisoning our precious water, and all subsequent costs, is the coal industry’s responsibility. The entire cost of environmental damage, the cost of studying over the long term...

Readers’ forum: May 29, 2014

Charity Races need help


In regards to the fees for 5K and 10K’s as reported on April 18, the city of Charleston wants to put fees on the races held in Charleston. Races and their sponsors are going to leave Charleston and go ...

Switching to GOP is a mystery

Switching to GOP is a mystery to me


Of the myriad odd things I’ve seen in a long life, one of the real puzzlers is the sight of so many Mountaineers fleeing to the Republican Party.

What makes it so odd is...

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