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Douglas Imbrogno

Staff Writer
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Danny Boyd wraps up “eco-horror” graphic novel series


Danny Boyd had intended to write a trilogy of graphic “eco-horror” novels about a supernatural threat to the world rooted in environmental catastrophe.

E-bike tinkerer’s app lets riders know when the battery’s down


CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Chuck Swiger wasn’t actually meaning to join the next wave of the Computer Age. He just wanted to add a cool new feature to his homemade electric bicycle.

But while at work one day...

A father’s life, in bits and pieces


Who was your father?

Maybe your dad is still alive. So, it’s a present-tense question for you.

But my dad died at age 79 a decade ago, on a frigid January day at an assisted-living home in Cincinnati.<...

Ann Magnuson creates a mix of rural and surreal


CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Throughout her career as a singer, actress, performance artist and writer, Ann Magnuson has been attracted to art that combines surrealism with rural themes.

Then, one day, the word poppe...

Onetime captive behind Iron Curtain grows his dream in WV


LEON, W.Va. — If Noah had beached his ark on a certain hilltop in Mason County, it might explain the bounty of animals found there.

A host of roosters crow seemingly every ...

New Create West Virginia director hopes to expand reach


At age 26, Brittany Means has stepped into a big role and also, inadvertently, into the middle of a discussion about keeping young creatives in West Virginia.

Means ...

Family clock repair business stands the tests of timepieces


CULLODEN, W.Va. — Jamie Hardin will be sitting with his wife and two children in their home beside U.S. Route 60, just being a husband and dad. Then, it will hit him.


Slovak businesswoman’s 3-month stay in WV a ‘strong experience’


The ongoing and evolving Sister City relationship between West Virginia’s capital city and Banska Bystrica, a city in the heartland of the Slovak Republic, in Central Europe, was underscored one night a week ago.<...

Thursday’s West Side Block Party celebrates a hopeful future


Charleston’s West Side more often than not gets branded as the negative news side of town, but Thursday’s West Side Block Party is one big effort to get people talking positively and lo...

Wiepper family seeks to sell portrait of street personality


Charleston portrait artist and sculptor Bernie Wiepper left behind several public pieces around the city when he collapsed and died in 2009 at age 84 in the midst of doing a painting at his West Side home.

Most not...

Orthodontist has a purpose for going back to the land


UNION — Donna Panucci and her husband, Jim Shannon, had for years been on the hunt for a rural West Virginia property. But with one caveat.

“I had said no further th...