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Amy Robinson

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Adoption Story: Sprung from playpen and hoarding situation, senior dog has new lease on life


Bigby spent the first seven years of his life in a playpen.

He wasn’t a problem child, and he wasn’t a baby. Allegedly, it was for his own protection.

The nine-year-old Maltese was one of 32 d...

The Idiot Box signs off


Some TV shows are given final seasons where they can plan in advance and end in a way that’s (theoretically) satisfying for viewers. Others are yanked off the air with no warning, and you’re stuck with what...

The gift that keeps on giving: Idiot Box’s 9th annual character gift guide


There are only seven shopping days left until Christmas, and I haven’t bought any of my gifts yet — for the recipients on my annual character gift guide, that is. With Christmas just a week away, I’v...

Considering a pet? Foster one for the holidays


CHARLESTON, W.Va. — If you’re not sure whether or not you’re ready for the responsibility of a pet, then the Kanawha/Charleston Humane Association has the solution for you this holiday season.


The 10 most fascinating fictional folks on TV in 2014


On Sunday, Barbara Walters’ annual “10 Most Fascinating People” special will air at 9 p.m. on ABC. Among the featured folks are Neil Patrick Harris, Oprah and Taylor Swift.


Network shows start signing off in bulk for holiday hiatus


We’re only just into December, but this week, the networks really start cranking up their midseason finales, with 25 of them. The rest mostly come next week, although a few are holding out until a mere week or les...

Clay Center has full slate of holiday fun


The Clay Center kicks off its holiday fun today with its annual Holly Day.

The family fun day runs noon to 4 p.m. and includes art activities, science demos and games. There are also, of course, some visits from t...

Beagle’s sadness clinches decision to adopt


CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Earlier this year, I wrote about adopting my hound dog, Riley. It wouldn’t be fair to play favorites, so I thought I’d write about my other dog this week since last Monday marked ...

Feast on National Geographic’s ‘Story of Food’ this weekend


We’re in a little bit of a lull in TV land right now in regards to comings and goings. We’ve seen the last of new scripted shows until the new year (sans one miniseries next month), and we’ve still g...

Roaming golden retriever charms neighborhood


CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Almost everyone who lives around Little Creek Park in South Charleston knows Duffy. The approximately 13- to 14-year-old golden retriever/chow mix is a bit of a neighborhood star and also the w...

Katherine Heigl returns to TV in NBC’s ‘State of Affairs’


We’re nine weeks into the fall season. Several shows are getting close to their fall finales, and one — NBC’s “The Blacklist” — already broke for midseason last week. But this we...

Three new shows worth a look


Surprisingly, there’s not a single new, scripted show on basic cable or network TV this week. (There are, of course, the insidious reality shows that we can’t escape.) Since that’s the case, I though...

Charleston dog finds new home in Pennsylvania


CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Gabriel’s current life is a long way from his old one, both literally and figuratively.

The nearly 2-year-old German shepherd came into the Kanawha/Charleston Humane Association as...