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Bill Lynch

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Record Store Day returns Saturday


Christmas comes but once a year. The same is true for Record Store Day, which for vinyl record fans is the next best thing to Christmas.

Since 2007, on the third Saturday in April, independent record stores around ...

'Catch and Release' opens Friday at the Alban Arts Center


Playwright Jeremy Richter's play, “Catch and Release,” started off as a kind of emotional bait and switch.

W.Va. International Film Festival returns to LaBelle Theatre


Once again, the West Virginia International Film Festival returns, this year to the LaBelle Theatre, in South Charleston.

From April 17-26, the festival will present critically acclaimed films, most of which weren&...

Expect a ‘ramp’age to hit the East End this weekend


Ramps have gone from being foraged greens favored among the very poor to a rising star on the fine dining scene.

Locally, people still go out and pick their own wild leeks from secret patches all over the West Virg...

Future unclear for Montclaire String Quartet


CHARLESTON, W.Va. — At 3 p.m. today in the Erma Byrd Gallery at the University of Charleston, the members of the Montclaire String Quartet play the final performance of their 25th season in Charleston.

And f...

Iowa native finds “beauty” in Greek Orthodox church


Paul the Apostle was on the road to Damascus when he had the spiritual experience that changed the direction of his life.

Matthew Moore was sitting in civics class in a high school in Iowa.

The burly, bushy-b...

Hip Hop artist Darnell Poole comes from the heart of West Virginia


Growing up in McDowell County, Darnell Poole didn’t dream of becoming a hip hop star. He was more about shooting hoops.

Cosplay veteran returns to Tri-State Comic Con


Marnie Riddell has been doing costume play, cosplay, for a long time.

Milk Carton Kids found in “Monterey”


Most records fall into one of two categories. There's the studio record, where a band goes into a studio, records tracks, and eventually creates an album. There's also a live record, which is an album recorded live at a ...

Community music group to disband after decades


After more than 80 years, Community Music Live!, formerly known as Charleston Community Music Association, will come to an end, the group’s leaders announced.

The group's final performance will be Galleria ...

The List: Five things for your spring calendar


Spring has sprung and it’s time to make plans to be out and about in Charleston. Here are five things to circle on your calendar:

1. Thursday: The opening game for the West Virginia Power at Appalachian Powe...

Going off the trail with Gatsby actress


Amber Mason didn’t see “The Great Gatsby,” the glitzy 2013 film adaptation with Leonardo Di Caprio. She also didn’t catch the 1974 version, with Robert Redford, either, and wasn’t ...

An Outlaw looks at 32


Bands are a lot like marriages. It’s kind of a nice surprise when one lasts for 50 years, but not a huge surprise that a good many end in divorce.

Alt-country band Fifth on the Floor is winding down and will...

Scratching out a living scratching out tunes


Unless you’re a rock star, making a living in music is often kind of piecemeal work. Getting by can be a mix of performing solo shows, playing in the bands of other musicians, selling a little merchandise (usually...

FestivALL to add comedy punch


CHARLESTON, W.Va. — FestivAll will return for its 11th year June 19-28, with another 10 days of music, dance, theater and art.

Details for the festival were announced Monday at the Clay Center by FestivALL c...

Clay planetarium takes one giant leap forward


The stars never quite aligned for the Clay Center’s ElectricSky Theater, though the Clay Center did its best with the planetarium show it had for as long as it could.

This weekend, the Clay Center debuts its...

Inciteful thoughts about metal


Pop music follows cycles. For the last couple of years, the radio airwaves have been full of bright dance music, banjo-infused folk rock and “bro country,” while other styles, like thrash metal haven’...

Still a Freek - Freekbass returns to Charleston


Chris “Freekbass” Sherman has been coming to Charleston for a long time now. The first time he spoke with The Charleston Gazette was in 2001.

Sherman laughed and said, “I don’t think I w...

5 Questions with singer/songwriter Tim Korenich


For right at a decade, Tim Korenich fronted a group of high school friends who became The Beauregards after most of them moved to Pittsburgh for college. 

That iteration lasted for about five years. The group ...

Busy water bottler sees potential in market and in disabled workers


LESAGE — From the road, there’s nothing obviously remarkable about the little stretch of flat land running alongside the Ohio River in Lesage.

Beyond the sign for &#...

Tight budget has WVSO playing a sad song


CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Over the last few months, there’s been a regular stream of ominous-sounding announcements coming from the West Virginia Symphony Orchestra.

First, the symphony announced they were ...

Quakers’ teachings emphasize peace, simplicity


In an unassuming building on Washington Street East, next door to a thriving Tudor’s Biscuit World, Charleston’s Religious Society of Friends meets every Sunday morning at the offices of the Religious Coali...

George Washington High School presents “Promises, Promises”


Drama teacher Azareen Mullins really never intended for George Washington High School's Theater of the Nevertheless to stage a production of “Promises, Promises.”

Shots with George Thorogood

- Rocker best known for bluesy rock anthems plays at the Clay Center this weekend.

The List: 5 things about St. Patrick’s Day


CHARLESTON, W.Va. — In advance of St. Patrick’s Day, we spoke with the only authentic Irishman we know of in West Virginia, singer-songwriter Anthony Hoey, about his thoughts on the holiday, how it’s...

Having a ball at the Ballhooter


SNOWSHOE, W.Va. — A few days before Snowshoe Mountain Resort was set to host its second annual Ballhooter Spring Break, what kind of crowd they were going to get seemed in doubt....

The Don Juans arrive


Do a quick search on the Internet for Don Juans and you might come up with a long list of Mexican restaurants around the country. Some of them look pretty good. Others, not so much.

What you won’t come up wi...

East End Pub Crawl returns


In four years time, Charleston East End's St. Patrick's Pub Crawl has grown well past what anyone really could have expected — not that Charleston East End Main Street really had any expectations about how it...

From Glen to Glen, and down the mountain side


Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, the Celtic Tenors are coming from the “Emerald Isle” to the green hills of West Virginia.

The vocal trio will play a series of shows, including two shows wit...

The List: Five early spring festival road trips


CHARLESTON, W.Va. — As the state thaws out from the winter, there are plenty of good things to look forward to, like the annual spring festivals.

We rounded up five that sounded like just the thing to shake ...

New restaurant The Block not quite done


CHARLESTON, W.Va. — With weeks still to go, restaurateur Des Barkalov wasn’t quite ready to give away too many details about his new restaurant, The Block, which could open during the second week of...

Country singer wants to be more than ‘that gay guy’


Ty Herndon said he never wanted to be, “That gay guy in country music.”

The country singer, who performs Saturday night at Schmitt’s Saloon in Morgantown, came out last fall.


The List: Five fish places to try in Charleston


Through Lent, both Catholics and non-Catholics take the opportunity to feast on fish on Fridays during the weeks leading up to Easter.

Charleston has plenty of chain restaurants with flavorful seafood options&...

An electric steeple: Local church uses technology to serve congregation


Pastor Matt Santen doesn’t know if River Ridge is the most technologically advanced church in the valley, but he acknowledged they do have a lot of gadgets and gear. Some of it he understands better than others.

Contemporary Christian singer tries to play to his strengths


Contemporary Christian singer David Crowder said it’s all very humbling to look through a hymnal at all the songs that have been written about faith and God over the years.

Crowder, who headlines The Rock an...

Today’s list: Five things you probably didn’t know were offered at Kanawha County Public Library


CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Books have always been a library’s stock in trade, but with the changing times, libraries have pushed to keep pace.

The Kanawha County Public Library has done a pretty good job of ...

“The Lion in Winter” to roar at Capitol Theater


Actors fall in love with plays. Kelly Strom and Alex Bannerman fell in love with James Goldman’s “A Lion in Winter.”

“I’ve always been a Katherine Hepburn fan,” Strom said...

Disney on Ice: Treasure Trove


Part of what makes Disney on Ice fun for the skaters is that each stop on the tour, they get a little time off.

Sometimes, it’s like a mini-vacation, where they get the chance to explore the area and sample ...

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Have you ever heard that things just sort of dry up in Charleston after dark?

You hear, “Groan . . . there’s never nothing to do, nobody goes out, everybody goes home . . . .”

A-hem. Subm...